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Alabama Guy Lands Himself a Death Sentence for Snatching 5-Year-Old Cutie from Her Mom and Committing Heinous Crimes

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May6,2024

PHENIX CITY, Ala. (TCD) — A judge handed a 40-year-old man four death sentences after he was convicted of killing a 5-year-old girl whose mother sex trafficked her.

On Friday, April 12, the Russell County District Attorney’s Office announced a jury found Jeremy Williams guilty of capital murder of a child under 14, capital murder during the course of first-degree sodomy, capital murder during the course of first-degree kidnapping, and capital murder during the course of first-degree rape in connection with the 2021 death of Kamarie Holland.

Williams had already pleaded guilty to human trafficking because he paid Holland’s mother, Kristy Siple, $2,500 to have sex with the child. According to WTVM-TV, he also entered the plea for obstruction of a corpse and recording acts of rape and sodomy.

WTVM reports he was sentenced to death on Monday, April 15, for the capital murder charges. Additional sentences included life in prison for recording acts of rape and sodomy, life in prison for human trafficking, 10 years for obstruction of a corpse, and 20 years for conspiracy to commit human trafficking.

Holland’s mother pleaded guilty in March to sex trafficking and could be sentenced to up to 20 years behind bars. In exchange, prosecutors dropped murder charges against her.

Another victim testified at the trial that Williams sexually abused her when she was 4 years old, according to WTVM.

Prior to her arrest, Siple said in an interview with WTVM, “I’m a mommy. I did not have nothing to do with this. She was my life. I lived for her daily. She was my only girl. I have 3 boys and her.”

Holland was reported missing to the Columbus, Georgia, Police Department on Dec. 13, 2021. Siple reportedly told police she woke up and saw her front door was open and her daughter was nowhere to be found.

Holland’s body was later discovered at an abandoned house in Phenix City. Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor said she died from asphyxiation and it “did appear from the scene that there was some sexual abuse.”

WBRL-TV reports Williams additionally admitted to killing his 1-month-old daughter in 2005 because she was crying.

Russell County Jail commander Lt. Steve Johnson said following the verdict, “There is not enough justice for what this monster did to this baby.”

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Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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One thought on “Alabama Guy Lands Himself a Death Sentence for Snatching 5-Year-Old Cutie from Her Mom and Committing Heinous Crimes”
  1. As a mother myself, I am utterly horrified by the heinous crimes committed by Jeremy Williams. It’s heart-wrenching to think that someone could harm a child in such a brutal manner. The justice system did the right thing by handing down those harsh sentences. I hope Kamarie and all the other victims find peace and justice.

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