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A Half-Year with the iPhone 15 Pro: My Honest Take

Emily Hudson By Emily Hudson May16,2024 #apple

It’s been a bit over six months since the iPhone 15 lineup came out in September, and MacRumors videographer Dan Barbera has been using an iPhone 15 Pro Max sans case since launch. Over on our YouTube channel, Dan did a long term review to demo how his phone has held up and his thoughts on the Action button, battery life, and camera features.
The ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ and Pro Max are Apple’s first iPhones with a titanium shell instead of a stainless steel or aluminum shell, and titanium is supposed to be more durable. After suffering from several drops without a case, Dan’s iPhone is scuffed and chipped, but there are no scratches. As for the screen, it has a minor scratch or two.
Battery health is at 98 percent and 174 cycles, and there have been some fluctuations in battery life with software updates. It’s a little hard to get a solid read on battery because of day-to-day differences in usage.
Some people have had trouble finding a use for the Action button, but assigning it to the camera is one way to ensure that it gets used. With the camera setting, a quick press on the button launches the camera so there’s no need to press on the Home Screen or open up the Camera app. Apple is rumored to be adding a dedicated Capture button for the camera with the iPhone 16 models, so the Action button might get less useful at that point for those who use it for the camera.
For ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ owners, how’s your battery life, and do you use the Action button? Let us know in the comments below.

Emily Hudson

By Emily Hudson

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2 thoughts on “A Half-Year with the iPhone 15 Pro: My Honest Take”
  1. As an iPhone 15 Pro owner myself, I’m quite satisfied with the battery life so far. It’s been holding up well, and I appreciate the convenience of the Action button for quick camera access. Waiting to see what Apple has in store for the iPhone 16 models!

  2. Do you think the titanium shell really makes a difference in the durability of the iPhone 15 Pro? How has your experience been with the battery life after using it for a while?

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