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Chaos in famous Italian city as huge far-Right torch bearing protest takes over streets

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun5,2024

Around 1,500 fascists descended on the streets of Milan, sparking an investigation by the city’s prosecutor and drawing widespread condemnation.

The group, dressed mainly in black, marched through the city on Monday before standing together in a military style and delivering fascist salutes.

Leading the marchers, six of the group carried a black banner with white typeface that read: “Honour fallen comrades”.

The demonstrators were out in force to mark the death of a 19-year-old far-right radical, who was killed by a group of leftists in 1975. Sergio Ramelli, a member of the student wing of the Italian Social Movement, a party formed by supporters of Benito Mussolini, was beaten to death by two members of the hard-left paramilitary group Avanguardia Operaia in Milan.

Since Ramelli’s death, far-right groups have marked the anniversary with marches and shows of strength. 

In video footage circulated online, two far-right demonstrators stood in front of a mural dedicated to Ramelli. Later in the clip, which has been viewed more than 3.2 million times, fascists shouted and raised their hands in a salute synonymous with Nazism outside Ramelli’s former home.

The demonstration has drawn condemnation from many in Italy, but perhaps most strikingly the governing party led by Giorgia Meloni endorsed the rally.

The Brothers of Italy took to X to say: “In memory of Sergio Ramelli, a young militant of the Youth Front, killed at just 19 years old by the far left with a wrench. His fault was that of having criticised the Red Brigades in a school essay. We will never stop honouring his memory.”

Ms Meloni herself has spoken out about the Ramelli case before too. On April 19 2022 she wrote on X: “This morning we were present in Milan at the commemoration in memory of Sergio Ramelli, attacked by a Vanguard Workers commando, killed only for what he believed in.

“Let’s not forget a young man who loved his country: we will continue to fight for a better Italy.”

Others have been far less supportive of the march. Italian journalist Paolo Berizzi wrote on X: “Milan 2024, Italy’s shame in Europe.

“In #ilritornodellabestia I tell how and why ghosts of the past and the worst of the country return.”

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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2 thoughts on “Chaos in famous Italian city as huge far-Right torch bearing protest takes over streets”
  1. I find it deeply concerning that such far-right groups are allowed to openly march in our cities, spreading hatred and division. It’s crucial for authorities to take strong action against such displays of extremism to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all citizens.

  2. As an expat living in Milan, I am deeply troubled by the rise of far-right extremism in our city. The fact that authorities are investigating the recent torch-bearing protest is a step in the right direction, but more needs to be done to combat these dangerous ideologies on our streets.

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