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US ambassador meets with Gershkovich in Russia

Emily Hudson By Emily Hudson May14,2024

The U.S. ambassador to Russia recently met with Evan Gershkovich, the Wall Street Journal reporter who has been unlawfully detained in the country for more than a year.

The U.S. Embassy in Moscow said Lynne Tracy met with Gershkovich, who was arrested last year by Russia’s Federal Security Service during a reporting trip in Yekaterinburg and has been charged with suspicion of espionage.

“Despite the continued wait for the start of his trial, Evan remains in good spirits, buoyed by the continued messages of support,” the embassy said.

The United States government has said the charges against Gershkovich are trumped up, and American officials have advocated for his release.

The Journal reported senior Russian government officials recently acknowledged that its government had employed a confidential channel to discuss prisoner exchanges with the U.S. government, which it noted could include Gershkovich.

The Journal’s story about Tracy’s meeting with Gershkovich included a statement from the newspaper saying “every day Evan remains in prison increases the urgency for his release. We are appreciative of the Ambassador’s continued support to monitor and ensure his well-being.”

The Journal recently left the front page of its print edition blank to spotlight the anniversary of Gershkovich’s detainment.

Emily Hudson

By Emily Hudson

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2 thoughts on “US ambassador meets with Gershkovich in Russia”
  1. As the U.S. ambassador, I strongly believe in standing up for journalists like Evan Gershkovich who are unjustly detained. It’s crucial to advocate for his release and ensure his well-being during this challenging time.

  2. It is truly disheartening to hear about Evan Gershkovich’s unjust detainment in Russia. The international community must continue to pressure for his release and ensure he receives fair treatment during this difficult time.

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