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Vladimir Putin humiliated as key feature of military parade revealed to be fake

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May19,2024

Military vehicles captured by the Russian military have been fitted with one feature that experts have revealed is fake. Tanks and armoured personnel carriers donated by the UK, USA, France and other allies of Ukraine, but captured by Russia, have been put on display in Moscow.

The vast array of Western military equipment comes ahead of Russia’s annual celebration of the end of World War 2. However, military experts have told that one feature of the vehicles on display has been tinkered with – between moving from the battlefield to the show ground.

Each of the vehicles on display has various flags attached to them, denoting which country they belonged to. King’s College London Professor Michael Clarke said this is not how these vehicles would have looked in the middle of combat.

He said: “I can be completely certain that no UK equipment that goes to Ukraine has a national flag on it – except that of Ukraine. We gift them the stuff.

“It belongs to them, so all these union flags, stars and stripes, German flags etc that are evident have, with 100 percent certainty, been put on them – presumably by the Russians.”

Fellow expert Dr Peter Caddick-Adams corroborated Professor Clarke. He said: “Britain does not put union jacks on its armoured vehicles. If national awareness is needed, flags are flown.

“However, being supplied to Ukraine, one would have expected Ukrainian insignia. It will be one of 75 second-hand vehicles, purchased from the UK and delivered in two shipments in 2015.”

As to whether the tanks and other armoured vehicles could be used against Ukraine, Dr Caddick-Adams said: “Unlikely to be reused against Ukraine for reasons of friendly fire. More likely to be used for propaganda (as here) and instructional purposes.”

Professor Michael Clarke added that there were other complications associated with the ownership of the equipment: “As captured western vehicles, it would be very hard for the Russians to use them on the battlefield, since they don’t have the spares, maintenance and in most cases the right calibre of ammunition to operate them.”

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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2 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin humiliated as key feature of military parade revealed to be fake”
  1. It’s embarrassing to see such fakery on display, especially in a military parade. The manipulation of flags on captured military vehicles is a disrespect to the true essence of combat. This revelation clearly shows a lack of authenticity in the presentation of the equipment. Russia’s attempt at deception is transparent and undermines the solemnity of the occasion.

  2. In my opinion, the revelation that the military vehicles displayed in Moscow have been tampered with to include fake national flags is deeply concerning. It undermines the authenticity of the parade and raises questions about Russia’s intentions and the true nature of the conflict. This manipulation of symbols only adds to the already complex narrative surrounding the situation.

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