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The Dying Mother’s Courage & Other Heartwarming Bondi Stabbing Stories

Samantha Parker By Samantha Parker May17,2024
In the midst of a , witnesses say a fatally wounded mother handed over her injured nine-month-old baby to a stranger to save the infant’s life.
Stories of courage are still emerging from Saturday’s attack, in which a 40-year-old knifeman with mental illness roamed the packed shopping centre, killing six people and seriously wounding a dozen others.

Lone senior police officer Amy Scott is being hailed for tracking down, and then shooting dead the assailant during his killing spree.

One young man was filmed fending off the attacker on an escalator, armed only with a shopping centre bollard.

Storekeepers opened their doors to shelter frightened shoppers.

Dying mother’s bravery to save her infant

But the harrowing story of 38-year-old mother Ashlee Good’s desperate final act to save her baby daughter Harriet has struck a chord with many shocked Australians.
Witnesses told local media she was heard screaming when the assailant approached her in the shopping complex.

“The baby got stabbed,” one man at the scene with his brother told Channel 9 News in the aftermath of the attack.

A woman with long blonde hair in a formal black outfit.

A supplied image of 38-year-old Ashlee Good who was fatally stabbed at Bondi Junction. Source: Supplied / PR IMAGE

“The mum got stabbed and the mum came over with the baby and threw it at me,” he said.

Within hours of the attack, police said the toll had climbed to six after Good died in hospital.

Her baby is still in “a serious but stable condition” in hospital, New South Wales police assistant commissioner Anthony Cooke said Sunday.

In a statement to Australian media, Good’s family described her as “a beautiful mother, daughter, sister, partner, friend, all-round outstanding human and so much more”.
“To the two men who held and cared for our baby when Ashlee could not – words cannot express our gratitude” the statement said.
The child, they said, was “doing well” after “hours of surgery”.

Sky News Australia television reporter Laura Jayes was near tears as she revealed on air that she knew the sixth victim, who she described as an “incredible athlete”.

“I can tell you that it was a mother, a mother in the prime of her life, a new mother with a nine-month-old baby,” Jayes said.
“I can’t imagine her needing to hand over the most precious thing in her life.

“Her baby went to surgery and her mum didn’t make it. So that’s really hard news to take. And I am bringing you that not knowing about the other five victims. But there’s one victim I do know about. And it’s just so cruel.”

Officer Amy Scott hailed as a hero

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese praised the courage displayed by “ordinary Australians” in the attack.
“We also see the footage of ordinary Australians putting themselves in harm’s way in order to help their fellow citizens,” he told reporters Sunday.

“That bravery was quite extraordinary that we saw yesterday, the best of Australians amidst this extraordinary tragedy.”

One short video widely circulated on Australian media showed a young man in a white T-shirt fending off the attacker on an escalator, armed only with a bollard. It did not show how the confrontation ended.
Many people praised shopkeepers who gave them shelter in the midst of the rampage.

Albanese singled out the “wonderful” police inspector, named Amy Scott, who shot and killed the offender.

A portrait shot of a female police officer.

Police officer Amy Scott prevented more carnage after she ran into a shopping centre and ended the rampage of a knife-wielding offender who killed six people. Source: AAP / PR IMAGE

She “ran into danger by herself and removed the threat that was there to others without thinking about the risks to herself”, the prime minister said.

An unidentified middle-aged witness at the scene told national broadcaster ABC he saw the shooting.
“All I heard was ‘put it down’. And then she shot him,” he said.
“If she didn’t shoot him, well he would have kept going. He was on the rampage. He was on the bloody rampage.”
Police said the senior officer was near the shopping centre when the stabbing unfolded and was guided to the gunman’s location by people there.
“She took the actions that she did, saving a range of people’s lives,” said NSW Assistant Police Commissioner Anthony Cooke.
Anyone who witnessed the incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
Readers seeking support with mental health can contact Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636. More information is available at supports people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
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  1. How heartbreaking! Can anyone confirm if the baby who was thrown to the stranger is now safe and recovering? Such a tragic and courageous story.

  2. Such a heartbreaking but truly courageous act by the mother. Her selfless act to protect her baby in the face of danger is both inspiring and heart-wrenching. My thoughts are with the victims and their families during this difficult time.

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