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Utah woman arrested for allegedly fatally shooting friend in the head as part of ‘suicide pact’

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May8,2024

SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah (TCD) — A 21-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of murder for allegedly shooting and killing her friend as part of a “suicide pact.”

Records show Heavenly Faith Garfield was booked in to the Utah County Jail on April 30 for murder and felony discharge of a firearm. She is being held without bail.

According to an arrest affidavit cited by KTVX-TV, on Tuesday, April 30, Saratoga Springs Police Department officers responded to a home, where they found a 21-year-old woman “who was obviously deceased.” They reportedly also located a 9 mm gun and a bullet near her body.

Garfield’s father reportedly called police and said Garfield had shot her friend. Investigators learned through interviews that the victim “allegedly had a suicide pact with Heavenly Faith Garfield,” and they had been talking about it for “multiple weeks.”

One of the victim’s friends reportedly shared a text message with police in which the victim said she was “too scared to kill herself.”

The affidavit reportedly said, “The friend told Detectives that the victim had also told him that she intended to commit suicide with her friend, whom he identified as Heavenly Faith, and that one of them would kill the other, and then kill themselves.”

KSL-TV reports the victim sustained a gunshot wound to the head.

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Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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2 thoughts on “Utah woman arrested for allegedly fatally shooting friend in the head as part of ‘suicide pact’”
  1. It’s heartbreaking to hear about such a tragic situation. The bond between these friends took a truly dark turn. My thoughts go out to all those affected by this devastating incident.

  2. Was there any evidence indicating if the victim and the suspect had discussed their ‘suicide pact’ with anyone else prior to the tragic incident?

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