Biden joins Howard Stern for live interview

Samantha Parker By Samantha Parker Jun10,2024

President Biden on Friday joined radio host Howard Stern for a live interview, sitting down with the broadcaster at his New York City studio.

The interview caught many by surprise, as it was not listed on Biden’s public schedule. He spent Thursday night in New York City after attending a fundraiser hosted by actor Michael Douglas in Westchester County.

Stern asked Biden questions centered on his life, including meeting his first wife, playing football and stories about his stutter growing up. He also spoke of his time in law school, in which he called himself a “jerk” for not taking the schooling seriously, including ditching textbooks.

Biden is also recounting the loss of his first wife as well as meeting first lady Jill Biden. Stern has repeatedly praised Biden’s family, calling them “amazing,” when speaking about how Biden’s family members stepped in following his first wife’s death.

Stern reportedly sought an interview with Biden during the 2020 campaign, but it never came together. Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sat down with Stern in 2019 for an interview.

Stern had in the past been friendly with former President Trump but has since become an outspoken critic of the former president.

The shock jock gained popularity through his nationally syndicated radio show, which moved to SiriusXM in 2006. Biden aides quickly promoted the interview on Friday morning, and the president’s team has stressed that they will seek to meet voters where they are through nontraditional avenues.

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2 thoughts on “Biden joins Howard Stern for live interview”
  1. It’s interesting to see President Biden’s personal side come through in this interview with Stern. His reflections on his past experiences provide a more humanizing perspective on the leader of our country.

  2. It’s fascinating to see President Biden opening up in this interview with Howard Stern. His candid reflections on his personal life provide a deeper insight into the man behind the presidency.

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