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Biden Threatens Sanctions on Israeli Soldiers Yet Wants More Money for Israel

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After repeatedly telling Israel what it should not do, only to be rebuffed, Biden wants to send still more money to Israel. At the same time, he threatens sanctions!

U.S. Considers Sanctions on Israeli Army Unit

The Wall Street Journal reports U.S. Considers Sanctions on Israeli Army Unit Accused of Rights Abuses

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said last week that the U.S. was deliberating whether to apply to Israel a law that prohibits U.S. aid to foreign security forces that have committed human-rights violations, and planned to announce results soon.

“The Israel Defense Forces must not be sanctioned!” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote on Saturday on X. Applying sanctions against an Israeli military unit during the war with Hamas would be the “height of absurdity and a moral low,” he wrote.

The intention to potentially sanction an Israeli military unit was widely condemned in Israel over the weekend, but reflects growing U.S. pressure on Israeli officials over their conduct of the war in Gaza.

Biden Weighs More Than $1 Billion in New Arms for Israel

Also consider Biden Weighs More Than $1 Billion in New Arms for Israel

The Biden administration is considering more than $1 billion in new weapons deals for Israel including tank ammunition, military vehicles and mortar rounds, U.S. officials said, at a time of heightened scrutiny of the use of American-made weapons in the war in Gaza.

The proposed weapons transfers—which would be in addition to those in a military aid deal currently before the Congress—would be among the largest to Israel since it invaded Gaza in response to Hamas’s attack that killed 1,200 people, mostly civilians, on Oct. 7.

The sales would also be the first since Iran launched an unprecedented direct missile and drone attack on Israel last weekend in retaliation for the killing of a top Iranian general in Syria on April 1. Israel responded to that attack overnight in what appeared to be a limited strike, after it came under pressure from the U.S. not to further escalate the confrontation.

Israel has ignored all of Biden’s pleas, including an outright red line on attacking Rafah where more than a million Palestinians are sheltering.

I covered that in Israeli Missiles Hit Iran, the Price of Oil Jumps 3 Percent

Crossing Red Lines

Biden told Israel to not retaliate, Israel did anyway.

Biden drew a red line on Israel entering Gaza to attack Rafah where more than a million Palestinians are sheltering. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he would do so anyway.

A few hours ago the BBC reported US again warns against Rafah offensive

Biden may as well be barking at the moon because it isn’t purple.

A quick check this morning shows the price of crude has largely given up its gains.

More importantly, Netanyahu has figured out the way to get more money and support is to ignore Biden and do what he wants to do.

Helping Israel and Ukraine?

On April 16, I asked What is the Best Way to Help Israel and Ukraine?

If you believe the US should help Israel no matter what Israel does, the puppet idea looks pretty good. In practice, that is exactly what has happened anyway.

Biden has proven that he has no red lines, so there is no point at all adding another line to the poll “attach strings to the money”. Netanyahu clearly controls the strings.

82.7 percent said “Stop Meddling” is the best thing the US can do.

My poll is not the least bit scientific because many of my readers are Libertarians who believe US meddling has increased the problems, but the percentage is still notable.

We have wasted many trillions of dollars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Vietnam only to lose wars in Afghanistan and Vietnam.

Warmongers blame Biden for leaving Afghanistan. I suggest it is the only thing Biden has right although he did boggle the exit. Trump planned to leave Afghanistan as well, although the exit would likely have been more orderly.

We have nothing to show for all of these efforts except massive deficits. Interest on the national debt is $1 trillion a year and all either party wants to do is spend more money.

Questions of the Day

How do you sanction an army unit other than not let them come to the US?

How does this combination of threatening to sanction Israel while simultaneously proposing to send them still more money after they cross red lines make any sense?

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  1. Do you think the threat of sanctions on Israeli soldiers and the proposal for more money to Israel align with each other? Could this approach potentially exacerbate the conflict?

  2. It’s concerning to see the Biden administration threatening sanctions on Israeli soldiers while simultaneously considering sending more money for weapons. The U.S. should prioritize human rights and peace in the region over escalating the conflict.

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