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Biden administration plans to tee up offshore wind across the nation’s coastlines

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun1,2024

The Biden administration is planning to boost offshore wind, announcing up to a dozen opportunities for industry to bid on chances to build wind turbines in U.S. oceans over the next five years. 

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland is slated to announce the lease sales at a conference in New Orleans.

The lease sales represent opportunities for companies to bid on areas in the ocean on which to build offshore wind farms. 

The 12 potential opportunities Haaland is announcing include sales in the Central Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Maine, Gulf of Mexico, the New York Bight and off the coast of Oregon, California, Hawaii and a yet-to-be-determined U.S. territory. 

It’s not clear yet how large these sales will be or how much power the potential wind farms there could generate. 

“As we look toward the future, this new leasing schedule will support the types of renewable energy projects needed to lower consumer costs, combat climate change, create jobs to support families, and ensure economic opportunities are accessible to all communities,” Haaland said in a written statement.  

These sales were described as potential sales that could occur rather than ones definitely slated to happen, and if former President Trump wins election, he may want to cancel them. At a recent fundraiser with oil executives, Trump reportedly bashed wind energy. 

Another hurdle for offshore wind has been economics, with some projects canceled last year over issues including supply chain-linked delays and rising interest rates.

The Biden administration plan stands in contrast with its efforts on offshore oil and gas over the next few years. It plans to offer just up to three oil and gas lease sales through 2029 — issuing the smallest five year leasing plan of any president in recent history. 

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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2 thoughts on “Biden administration plans to tee up offshore wind across the nation’s coastlines”
  1. I believe that investing in offshore wind projects is crucial for our future. The Biden administration’s plan to promote wind turbines in U.S. oceans will not only create jobs and boost the economy, but also help combat climate change. It’s a step in the right direction towards a more sustainable future.

  2. It’s exciting to see the Biden administration pushing forward with offshore wind projects. The opportunities for building wind turbines in U.S. oceans will not only create jobs but also help combat climate change. I hope these plans come to fruition and bring about positive change.

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