The hidden detail between Putin and Xi meeting that should terrify the West

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun12,2024

There was a hidden detail between Putin and Xi’s meeting that should terrify the West.

Sophia Gaston, head of foreign policy at Policy Exchange, was on BBC Newscast to discuss the Russian president’s trip to China.

She noted that the relationship between the presidents of the two countries have an important connection, which should terrify the West.

Xi and Putin see each other as allies in a parallel international and “multipolar” world order that can challenge a Washington-led global consensus.

Gaston said: “The hug is quite important and I think Xi thinks about these things very carefully. It is rather interesting context because of course we had President Macron seeking to hug President Xi in a rather awkward moment.

“Here Xi, the sort of instigator of this hug, I think we should definitely read what that means. I do think their relationship is very strong.

“I do think that all those in Europe who have recently thought that perhaps they were making inroads with Xi around putting some pressure on Putin regarding Ukraine will have to take a really long hard look in the mirror.

This comes as Putin visits China to celebrate the 75th year of formal China-Russia relations. The visit is packed with gestures that underline the mutually beneficial friendship that has blossomed since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Xi said the friendship between China and Russia was “everlasting” and had “become a model for a new type of international relations”.

Xi also described Putin as his “best friend” and Putin said that Xi was “warm and comradely” and “like a brother”.

However, political commentators have said that Xi holds all the cards, with Putin eager to further the relationship with one of the only countries willing to help fund his war in Ukraine.

Former US president Donald Trump has accused Putin and Xi of getting together to “do damage”.

Speaking after the end of the day’s proceedings at his hush money trial in New York on Thursday, Trump said: “President Xi of China, I know well, President Putin of Russia, know him well. They’re right now together working on plans where they get together and do damage, because that’s ultimately what they’re thinking about doing damage.”

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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One thought on “The hidden detail between Putin and Xi meeting that should terrify the West”
  1. I believe the strategic alliance between Putin and Xi poses a significant challenge to the current Western-dominated global order. Their strong rapport and shared vision for a multipolar world order could undermine the influence of the US-led consensus. The recent gestures and statements during Putin’s visit to China suggest a deepening bond between the two leaders, which may have implications for international relations moving forward. It will be crucial for Western powers to reassess their approach in light of this evolving dynamic.

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