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UK moves RAF typhoons out of EU country as WW3 threat intensifies

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May30,2024

RAF jets were moved from Romania to the Middle East to help defend Israel from Iranian drone attacks. Six Typhoons were sent as part of a redeployment in reaction to Iran’s attack on Israel earlier this month that saw hundreds of missiles and drones launched at the country.

The Typhoons had been protecting NATO’s eastern flank as part of an air policing mission alongside Romanian aircraft, but escalating tensions in the Middle East necessitated the redeployment.

RAF Typhoons played a crucial role in the defence of Israel during the bombardment, helping to shoot down Iran’s array of armaments before they struck their targets.

In a statement earlier this week, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak confirmed that the RAF had shot down a number of Iranian “attack drones” as part of a coordinated effort between the UK, USA, and Israel.

Mr Sunak also heaped praise on the UK’s pilots who he said had put themselves in the firing line “to protect the innocent and preserve peace and stability”.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister added: “We already have a significant presence in the region. But as a prudent measure, we temporarily moved a number of aircraft from Romania to bolster our existing footprint.

“Allied air forces continue to patrol NATO airspace to ensure it is protected from all threats and we have coordinated with NATO and our allies… to ensure there is no gap in Romania.”

The redeployment of the Typhoons comes as tensions escalate in the Middle East as Israel fights Hamas in Gaza in the west, tries to tackle Hezbollah in the north, and tensions skyrocket with Iran in the east.

Following Iran’s attack on Israel, there are growing concerns about the possibility of a new war in the region with the possibility that Israel might retaliate against Iran in the coming weeks.

As the country’s war cabinet meets to discuss its next move, there are rumours that the new front could be opened in tandem with the US. An Israeli official said: “Any response will be coordinated with the Americans.”

However, Channel 12 news reported that Israel wants to attack Iran, but without starting a brand new war against the country.

On what the UK could do to contain the situation, Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood wrote in the Express that Britain could play a role in maintaining stability in the region.

He said: “Britain must also ensure focus is not lost resolving the Gaza/ Israel conflict – implementing the UN ceasefire, securing hostage release and getting the vital humanitarian aid corridors working efficiently.

“Longer term, we must pluck up the statecraft to address Iran’s poisonous influence across the Middle East with its proxies influencing deep into Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and, of course, its aggression towards Sunni states, specifically Saudi Arabia.

“Thanks to our history, connectivity and hard power based in the region – Britain is well placed to lead the strategic thinking on how to contain Iran’s malevolent influence and help move this important region to a more stable footing – including securing a two-state solution.”

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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2 thoughts on “UK moves RAF typhoons out of EU country as WW3 threat intensifies”
  1. It’s alarming to see the RAF jets being moved to the Middle East amid rising tensions. I hope the efforts to defend Israel are successful and contribute to maintaining peace in the region.

  2. In my opinion, the move to redeploy RAF Typhoons from Romania to the Middle East highlights the escalating threat of a potential global conflict. It is crucial for allied forces to stand together and defend countries like Israel against hostile attacks. The bravery and dedication of the UK’s pilots should be commended for putting themselves in harm’s way to protect innocent lives and maintain peace in the region.

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