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RFK Jr.’s sister dismisses his candidacy: ‘Let’s talk about reality’

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May15,2024

Kerry Kennedy is brushing off her brother, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s, independent presidential bid, arguing it is clear only President Biden or former President Trump will be able to secure the Oval Office in November.

Kennedy was speaking with CNN anchor John King Thursday night when he noted she only refers to Trump and Biden when asked about her older brother’s candidacy.

When King asked if she believes her brother would be a good president, Kennedy said, “I don’t think that’s even a question we need to deal with today.

“Because there’s only two people who are capable of getting 270 Electoral College votes. So, let’s talk about reality. Let’s not talk about who might or might not be president. The question today is…who do you vote for when you go to the polls?” she continued.

Her remarks came hours after she appeared at a Biden campaign stop in Philadelphia alongside the president and other members of the Kennedy family.

Kerry Kennedy and more than a dozen other members of her family formally endorsed Biden’s reelection bid on Thursday, applauding his agenda and political career for aligning with her father’s.

Kerry has argued her brother’s independent bid will only help elect Trump, calling her brother’s election “dangerous” for the country.

“This is an extraordinary election. We are on the precipice here in the United States,” Kennedy said Thursday. “There’s only two candidates who have any prayer of getting the 270 electoral votes that they need to become president. One is Trump, the other is Biden.”

Kerry painted a bleak picture of Trump, arguing he wants to “rewrite the Constitution” to target his enemies, and pointed to his remarks about being a dictator on his first day back in the White House.

Kennedy Jr. acknowledged his family’s endorsements for his political rival on X, writing, “I hear some of my family will be endorsing President Biden today. I am pleased they are politically active — it’s a family tradition. We are divided in our opinions but united in our love for each other.”

Kennedy Jr., who switched from a Democrat to independent ticket last fall, has repeatedly argued Biden nor Trump are fit to continue serving.

Democrats have raised concerns his independent bid could pull votes away from Biden in what’s expected to be a close race this November.

A Decision Desk HQ/The Hill national polling index of a three-way race between Biden, Trump and Kennedy Jr. shows Trump leading Biden by less than 1 percentage point, with Kennedy Jr. polling at nearly 7 percent. 

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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2 thoughts on “RFK Jr.’s sister dismisses his candidacy: ‘Let’s talk about reality’”
  1. I totally agree with Kerry Kennedy. It’s important to face reality and focus on the practical aspects of the upcoming election. Choosing between Trump and Biden is crucial for the future of the country.

  2. Kerry Kennedy is right in emphasizing the crucial aspect of electability in the upcoming presidential race. It’s essential to focus on the reality of the situation and choose between the front-runners who have a chance of winning. Venturing into independent bids at this stage might inadvertently work in favor of one candidate, ultimately risking the progress made. Let’s prioritize the greater good and make an informed decision come election day.

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