Pixelmator Pro 3.5.8 Now Lets You Tweak Text in PDFs—Exciting News!

Alex Thompson By Alex Thompson Jun19,2024 #apple

Pixelmator Pro 3.5.8 has gone live on the Mac App Store, and the latest update to the popular image editing app brings the ability to edit text in PDFs, along with a handful of other notable additions.
Pixelmator recently added support to the app for vector PDFs, which allows users to import image, shape, and text elements in the portable document format as separate layers.
With the newest version, this support has been expanded so that users can edit imported text as regular text layers. In practice, this means existing text in PDFs can be more easily replaced, formatted, and styled using Pixelmator Pro tools. As the developers explain:
Typically, text in PDF documents is not directly editable. Instead, it’s stored as vector shapes to keep documents looking consistent across various platforms and apps. To make text editable again, Pixelmator Pro extracts various embedded data from the original PDF, allowing it to recover the original text, fonts, and formatting. Even if some of these elements are missing, for instance, if the original font is not installed on your Mac, you can still import the text, select a different font, and continue with your edits.
In addition, the new text editing abilities mean users can seamlessly export Apple Keynote and Pages projects and continue editing them in Pixelmator Pro. All text remains fully editable in its original fonts, including the SF Pro font that is used throughout the Apple ecosystem.
Elsewhere in this update, the Style tool has been improved to simplify the creation of custom outlines around text layers. Users now have the option to add strokes inside, within, or outside of the text, choose from various stroke ends and corners, and also add dashed strokes.
Pixelmator Pro 3.5.8 also includes 12 new templates for web, social media, and more. All of the templates include a set of alternative color palettes for adjusting the theme to custom requirements.
Pixelmator Pro is available exclusively from the Mac App Store as a free update for existing users and $49.99 for new customers. A free seven-day trial of the software with no restrictions is also available on the Pixelmator website.

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2 thoughts on “Pixelmator Pro 3.5.8 Now Lets You Tweak Text in PDFs—Exciting News!”
  1. Is it possible to edit text in PDFs with different fonts that are not originally embedded in the document?

    1. Yes, with Pixelmator Pro 3.5.8 you can indeed edit text in PDFs with different fonts that are not originally embedded in the document. Even if the original font is missing, you can import the text, choose a different font, and proceed with your edits seamlessly.

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