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‘I spent £2k removing my double chin – it went from saggy to defined overnight’

Samantha Parker By Samantha Parker May10,2024

A mum spent £2k on surgery to remove her double chin – transforming it from “saggy to snatched” in just a few hours.

Angela Hutchinson, 33, had struggled with her double chin since she was a teenager.

The mum-of-four lost 1st 8lbs to drop to 12st 2lb but was “disheartened” to find her chin hadn’t budged.

Angela decided to go for chin liposuction – where fat is removed from the chin via a cannula – after spotting a TikTok influncer talking about her experience.

She travelled two hours to get it done in Sydney – and spent £2,085 ($4k AUD) on the procedure.

Now, she feels better than ever – and feels like she has a “permanent filter on”.

Angela, a salon owner from Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia, said: “When I booked my lipo – I burst into tears because I’d wanted to get it for so long, and the results are amazing.

“The recovery time has been so quick – I bruised really badly but it disappeared within six days.

“When I compare my before and after pictures I feel ecstatic – I don’t feel like I need to hide away from the camera anymore.”

Angela decided to start losing weight in January 2023 – after a traumatic 2022 left her turning to snacks for comfort.

Her youngest son, Cian, three, was having unexplained seizures – and she says she coped by comfort eating.

But on January 1, 2023, she made a New Year’s resolution to lose a stone – after Cian recovered.

She said: “I’d gained 15kg in a year because my son, Cian, was having seizures.

“It was so quick because I was just stress-eating all the time.

“I decided to do something about it because 15kg is a lot.”

Since then, Angela has been on a calorie deficit and spends an hour a day, five days a week doing cardio at the gym.

She dropped 1st 5lb in 15 months and felt “great” – but couldn’t help noticing she wasn’t losing her double chin.

Angela said: “I lost 10kg but somehow nothing off my chin.

“It was making me really self-conscious.

“If someone took a candid photo of me it’d be the first thing I’d notice. I’d be like, ‘wow.’

“I felt so disheartened, even though I was losing weight everywhere else.”

After watching a video of herself aged 15 and noticing she still had a double chin – she realised it was genetics, and it was only going to get worse with age.

Angela said: “I even had it in 2005, when I was a teenager.

“Looking back at when I was young, I still had it – so I knew there was no way around it.

“It’s been slowly getting worse and worse – and it wasn’t ever going to get better naturally.”

Angela started looking at chin liposuction on TikTok – and found a Sydney-based influencer showing off her results.

She looked into it and decided to do “this one thing for myself”.

Angela paid a £229 deposit, had a consultation and blood work in March 2024 before booking in her surgery for the following month.

Angela went for her chin liposuction on April 16 and was awake for the procedure, but given local anaesthetic to completely numb her face.

Her doctor took fat from three points in the face – two behind each ear, and one through the chin.

“My doctor went through the entry points with a cannula,” she said. “So it was less invasive – and I was so surprised at how good it was.

“I couldn’t feel a thing.”

She was given a chin strap and headwrap to wear for three days after the cosmetic surgery and told to take it easy.

Angela said: “I feel like it healed so quickly. All the bruising was gone after six days, even though I bruised pretty bad.

“Obviously I do swell up every now and then – but it’s pretty much all done with.

“I’ve been given advice to be really careful about weight gain for the next three years.

“You have to actively keep trying to lose weight for three years after the procedure before moving into maintenance, otherwise it’ll come back.”

Now, Angela isn’t fussed about candid photos – and loves the way she looks from every angle.

She added: “We celebrated Anzac Day in Australia the other day – and there were loads of pictures taken of me.

“My jawline is just snatched – I look like I’ve got a permanent filter on me.

“The results have been insane. I’m really, really happy.”

Samantha Parker

By Samantha Parker

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  1. Wow, that’s quite a transformation! But do you think relying on surgery for weight loss sets a good example for others struggling with body image issues?

  2. Wow, Angela’s transformation is truly inspirational! She took control of her desired change and is now glowing with confidence. This just shows the power of self-care and taking steps towards feeling your best self.

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