House debates bills to send aid to Ukraine, Israel: Watch live

Jamie Roberts By Jamie Roberts Jun14,2024

The House is convening Saturday to decide whether to approve a package of legislation providing military aid for Israel, Ukraine and the Indo-Pacific region, as well as humanitarian relief to Gaza.

In an unusual bipartisan vote, Democrats joined with many Republicans to allow the bills to clear a procedural step on Friday, when a bloc of GOP conservatives opposed the bills.

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) has become the target of harsh criticism from a faction in his own party for what they consider an unacceptable willingness to compromise with Democrats.

Saturday’s session begins at 9 a.m. EDT, and voting is slated to start at 1 p.m. EDT.

Watch the live video above.

Jamie Roberts

By Jamie Roberts

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2 thoughts on “House debates bills to send aid to Ukraine, Israel: Watch live”
  1. It’s crucial that aid gets sent to Ukraine, Israel, and the Indo-Pacific region for both military support and humanitarian relief. I appreciate the bipartisan effort to ensure these bills move forward despite some opposition. Let’s hope for a productive session today!

  2. As an American citizen, I believe it is crucial for the House to come together and provide aid to support our allies such as Israel and Ukraine, while also ensuring humanitarian relief where it is truly needed. It’s encouraging to see bipartisan effort, and I hope Speaker Mike Johnson’s leadership will guide us towards the right decisions.

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