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Former ‘Super Smart’ High School Top Student Admits to Tragically Stabbing Mom 70+ Times

Emily Hudson By Emily Hudson May22,2024

POLK COUNTY, Fla. (TCD) — A 22-year-old pre-med student who was once described as a “genius” and “remarkably brilliant” confessed to fatally stabbing his mother, an elementary school teacher, over 70 times.

According to Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, on Saturday, April 6, Emmanuel “Manny” Espinoza drove from the University of Florida in Gainesville to his mother’s home in Frostproof to attend an event for his grandfather. His mother, Elvia Espinoza, invited him to stay with her while he was in town. Manny Espinoza arrived at approximately 2 p.m., knocked to come in, and began stabbing his mother “the second she opened the door.”

Judd shared Ring doorbell footage showing Espinoza standing at the doorway with a small knife hidden behind his back. He was wearing headphones and listening to the Jay-Z and Kanye West song “No Church in the Wild.”

Espinoza was studying to become a doctor, and he allegedly “knew where to stab her for maximum effect because of his biology classes.” He reportedly saw she was still alive, so he continued to stab her.

Judd said Espinoza cut himself during the stabbing and washed his hands and knife at the sink afterward. Espinoza allegedly “wanted to ask his mom for the Neosporin but then realized she was dead.” He then called 911 and confessed to killing Elvia Espinoza.

According to Judd, Manny and Elvia Espinoza never had any prior issues. Espinoza reportedly described their relationship as an “8 out of 10,” but he claimed he “wanted to kill her for years.”

Espinoza did not have a history of drug or alcohol abuse, mental health problems, or prior arrests, which is part of the reason why Judd said this was “one of the most bizarre murders we’ve dealt with in a very long time.”

Espinoza was valedictorian at his high school and graduated with a 4.5 GPA. Elvia Espinoza, a mother of three, was a second grade teacher at Ben Hill Griffin Elementary School in Frostproof. Several schools and teachers in the area shared tributes to her following news of her death.

Espinoza was booked into the Polk County Jail on charges of first-degree murder and destroy/tamper with physical evidence. He is being held without bond.

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Emily Hudson

By Emily Hudson

Emily is a talented author who has published several bestselling novels in the mystery genre. With a knack for creating gripping plotlines and intriguing characters, Emily's works have captivated readers worldwide.

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2 thoughts on “Former ‘Super Smart’ High School Top Student Admits to Tragically Stabbing Mom 70+ Times”
  1. Such a tragic and horrifying incident. It’s devastating to think about how someone who was once considered a ‘genius’ could commit such a heinous act. My heart goes out to the family of the victim.

  2. What a tragic and shocking crime. It’s devastating to think someone with such potential could commit such a heinous act. My heart goes out to the family of the victim. May justice be served swiftly.

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