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Emmanuel Macron makes major Brexit U-turn and warns ‘Europe could die’

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May8,2024

Emmanuel Macron has warned that “Europe could die” and that it must form closer ties with the UK despite Brexit. The French President also warned that the bloc should not become “a vassal of the US” dependent on American military might following any Russian aggression.

Speaking at the Sorbonne University in Paris, he said: “There is a risk our Europe could die. We are not equipped to face the risks. Europe must show that it is never a vassal of the United States and that it also knows how to talk to all the other regions of the world.”

He added: “Our Europe, today, is mortal and it can die. It can die and this depends only on our choices.

“Over the next decade … the risk is immense of [Europe] being weakened or even relegated.

“There is no defence without a defence industry … we’ve had decades of under-investment.

“We must produce more, we must produce faster, and we must produce as Europeans.”

The French President planned his speech on strategic and geopolitical issues in Europe, including defence, the economy, protecting the environment and safeguarding democracy, his advisers said.

Russia’s war in Ukraine, now in its third year, remained on of the main themes of the speech.

France has been a firm supporter of Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression. Mr Macron has often clashed with other Western leaders as he has insisted that Europe must stand by the country at any cost.

Last month, the French leader alarmed European leaders by saying that sending Western troops into Ukraine to shore up its defences should not be ruled out.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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2 thoughts on “Emmanuel Macron makes major Brexit U-turn and warns ‘Europe could die’”
  1. Emmanuel Macron’s stance on the future of Europe is crucial. It is evident that Europe needs to strengthen its ties, not only with the UK post-Brexit but also with other regions. Macron rightly points out the risks of Europe becoming too dependent on the US and stresses the need for a strong defence industry. It’s time for Europe to step up and act as a unified entity in the face of global challenges.

  2. Emmanuel Macron’s stance on the future of Europe, including the need for stronger ties post-Brexit and independence from American influence, is a crucial reminder of the challenges we face. His call for self-sufficiency and unity is commendable in these uncertain times. Let’s hope Europe can navigate these complexities and emerge stronger.

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