A Wild Car Boom Shakes Up Moscow, Leaving Former Ukraine Spy Banged Up – Watch! 😱

Emily Hudson By Emily Hudson Jun15,2024

An explosion has rocked northern Moscow, leaving a former employee of Ukraine‘s Security Service (SSU), Vasyl Prozorov, injured.

Russian media sources have reported the incident, shedding light on the targeted attack.

According to reports from Kremlin-aligned Russian news agency TASS and Telegram channels, the blast targeted a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado on Korovinskoye Road.

The vehicle’s owner, identified as a former SSU member, was injured in the explosion, which occurred as he started the car.

Moscow investigators have swiftly launched a criminal case in response to the incident. Collaborating with forensic experts and operational services, the investigators are meticulously examining the scene.

Further examinations are scheduled to shed light on the motive behind the attack.

Vasyl Prozorov, the injured individual, was dismissed from the SSU in 2018 due to purported incompetence.

However, his trajectory took a controversial turn when, in a press conference held in Russia on the SSU’s anniversary in 2019, he emerged as a defector.

Prozorov claimed to have voluntarily assisted the Russian Federation with obtaining information since April 2014, citing ideological reasons.

During the press conference, Prozorov made several provocative claims.

These included allegations of Ukrainian involvement in the crash of a Malaysian Boeing in Donbas, the existence of “secret prisons” operated by the SSU, and accusations against Ukrainian special services regarding the deaths of leaders of the Russian-backed “L/DPR” illegal armed groups.

Emily Hudson

By Emily Hudson

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2 thoughts on “A Wild Car Boom Shakes Up Moscow, Leaving Former Ukraine Spy Banged Up – Watch! 😱”
  1. It’s concerning to see the escalation of tensions in Moscow with targeted attacks like this. I hope the investigators can swiftly uncover the motive behind this incident and bring those responsible to justice.

  2. Wow, this news really shook me up! It’s scary how these targeted attacks are becoming more common. Hopefully, the investigators get to the bottom of this and bring justice to the injured individual.

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