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Zelensky turns on Biden as he warns one move would be ‘applause for Putin’

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun13,2024

“(The) peace summit needs President Biden and so do the other leaders who look at the reaction of the United States. Putin will only applaud his absence, personally applaud it – and standing, at that.”

Zelensky has urged Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping, a strong ally of Putin’s, to attend.

In recent weeks, fighting in Ukraine has centered around Kharkiv, the country’s second-largest city.

As well as assaults on the ground, Russia has also hit the city with relentless airstrikes.

Belgium could be about to help Ukraine regain some control in the air having pledged the delivery of 30 F-16 fighter jets as part of the security pact.

Commenting on the deal, Zelensky said: “The document includes at least 977 million euros in Belgian military aid to Ukraine this year, as well as Belgium’s commitment to providing support over the course of the agreement’s ten-year term.”

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo posted on X: “Today Belgium signs an agreement on security cooperation and long-term support with Ukraine.

“President Zelensky, you need the right tools to protect your citizens.

“We are very determined when it comes to our support.

“So we need to more, better and faster.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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