WW3 fears explode as Russian submarines spotted moving closer to NATO’s doorstep

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jul2,2024

A bombshell new report revealed that Russia is deploying attack submarines to conduct missions close to NATO’s doorstep in yet more international activities by the Navy.

Since Vladimir Putin‘s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Russia has deployed submarines around the Irish Sea twice, and Russian Navy activities in international waters have sparked increasing fears in recent months.

Just last month Putin’s forces deployed a nuclear-powered submarine, warships, and other naval vessels to the Caribbean Sea for military drills.

The non-profit Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) claimed the Russian Navy is in possession of one of the world’s largest submarine fleets totalling an estimated 58 vessels.

Russia first deployed vessels to the Irish Sea roughly 18 months ago when it sent a Kilo-class submarine – an attack vessel that can fire Kalibr cruise missiles.

The second incident occurred more recently, according to three people familiar with the incident speaking to Bloomberg. Before the RussiaUkraine war, Russia was not known to send submarines towards the Irish Sea.

In March last year, NATO’s deputy secretary general Mircea Geoană said Russian naval exercises close to Ireland “put the security of undersea cables connecting Ireland to North America, UK, and Europe” into “sharp focus.”

Roughly 75 percent of transatlantic cables in the northern hemisphere go through or near Irish waters. Four connect to Ireland and 12 connect to Ireland and Britain.

Geoană added: “As an advanced knowledge-based economy, with thriving technology, pharmaceutical, biotech, and financial sectors, ensuring Ireland’s resilience will be critical in the years ahead. This is where, I believe, our partnership would be good to work.”

It is not yet clear why Russia is conducting these exercises in the Irish Sea, but it’s been suggested that the navy could be gathering intelligence or attempting to intimidate the UK for supporting Ukraine.

Despite Ireland not being a member of NATO, the alliance has voiced its support in protecting the undersea cables while the nation itself sticks to its policy of military neutrality.

According to Bloomberg’s sources, US officials are aware of the Russian Navy’s presence in the Irish Sea, while British defence officials said they do not “comment on operations”.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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