What Do You Expect at the First Presidential Debate Tonight?

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun28,2024 #finance

You should expect anything, Including an attempt by CNN to influence the outcome with one-sided questions. Regardless, Trump is in a position to hit a home run.

I run through some potential questions below, and how I believe Trump should handle them. First let’s recap the Debate Rules.

Debate Rules Q&A

Q: How long will the debate be?
A: Ninety minutes, starting at 9 p.m. Eastern time, with two commercial breaks. That is a normal length for a presidential debate, but the two commercial breaks are noteworthy.

Q: Will there be an in-person audience?
A: No. The candidates will debate in a CNN studio with no live audience. This was a demand from the Biden campaign.

Q: How will the candidates be positioned?
A: They will stand at lecterns. Mr. Biden won a coin toss to choose his spot, and he will be on the right side of viewers’ TV screens.

Q: Will there be opening and closing statements?
A: Opening statements, no; closing statements, yes. The order of the closing statements was determined by a coin toss. Mr. Biden will make his first, and Mr. Trump will have the last word of the debate.

Q: How long will the candidates have to answer questions?
A: CNN will allow two minutes for each answer and one minute for rebuttals. The moderators, CNN hosts Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, will be able to grant extra time at their discretion.

Q: How will the moderators prevent interruptions?
A: The candidates’ microphones will be muted when it isn’t their turn to speak. That was another Biden request, intended to guard against Mr. Trump’s penchant for interrupting and speaking over debate opponents.

Debate Commission Co-Chair Slams CNN Over Rules Of Trump-Biden Face-Off

The Hill reports Debate Commission Co-Chair Slams CNN

On the debate having commercial breaks for the first time: “This is an important part of American civics. Why would you break twice to run ads?”

On the lack of audience at CNN studios in Atlanta: “They’re saying there shouldn’t be an audience because people clap and cheer and scream, but that’s not true. That happens at primary debates, not presidential debates. That’s a phony thing the Biden people came up with.”

On moderators allowing for 2 minutes of uninterrupted answers from the candidates: “It’s almost like an interview the way they’re doing it, but this is supposed to be a debate between the two candidates.”

Fahrenkopf also argued there’s an inherent conflict of interest for CNN, which is producing the debate, coming up with the rules, moderating — and later providing commentary and analysis.

“How will the talking heads on CNN do a fair analysis after they sponsored it? It’s a real challenge,” he said.

Fair Analysis?!

There will not be a fair analysis by any media reporting Left or Right. However, CNN is uniquely in the position producing the debate, coming up with the rules, moderating — and later providing commentary and analysis.

What to Expect in Questions

CNN will bring up everything negative possible about Trump in an attempt to get Trump to flare up.

Other than someone ridiculous like Racheal Maddow various members of The View, it would be difficult to find a more biased set of moderators.

However, if Trump can remain poised, he can easily turn any bias into his favor.

What to Expect in Answers

Both Trump and Biden will try to get on each other’s nerves. Biden will likely have an easier time in he gets cream puff questions while Trump get harder one.

Otherwise, this is Trump’s debate to lose. And the more biased the question, the harder it will be for Trump to remain calm, but the bigger the win for he can pull it off.

Proposed Answers for Trump

Q: Did you lose the election in 2020?
A: There are a number of irregularities that give cause for reasonable doubt. But I am not campaigning on 2020. Right or wrong, that decision is history. We need to change voting procedures this time to make sure the election is fair. I am looking ahead.

Q: Will you accept the election results in 2024?
A: Yes, immediately. The only exception applies to a recount in any state that could potentially change the result.

Q: Why should anyone vote for a felon?
A: Everyone need to realize the unusual political nature of the case. A politically hand-picked prosecutor turned a minor misdemeanor charge into a felony in a case that would not have been tried anywhere else in the country. No one is above the law, but no one should be beneath the law either. This was a political conviction start to finish. The judge was not impartial, and I the case is highly likely to be thrown out on appeal. And when it is, I expect an apology from President Biden.

The closer Trump can come to answers like those, on every issue, without all the crooked Joe name calling, the more he is likely to win in a landslide.

Bonus Question: Is that asking too much of Trump?

Probably. But in addition to seeing if Biden can last 90 minutes, that’s why everyone will be tuned in tonight.

Got popcorn?

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