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WA police force have apologised a decade later for the death of Ms Dhu

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun2,2024
A decade later, the Western Australia police force have apologised.

“On behalf of the Western Australia Police Force and WA Country Health Service, we apologise to the family and community of the late Ms Dhu, a young Aboriginal woman, for the circumstances leading to her death,” they said in a statement.

“We are truly sorry for the circumstances of Ms Dhu’s death and recognise the significant impact her passing has had on her family and her community.
“This apology is made following a mediation process that concluded in March 2024. Other than this apology, details of the conclusion of the mediation process remain confidential,” the statement read.
Ms Dhu called the police for help after she experienced domestic violence.
She reported her former partner Dion Ruffin for violating an apprehended violence order.

Police arrested Ms Dhu at the scene for “unpaid fines”.

While in custody, Ms Dhu said she was in severe pain.
Ms Dhu repeatedly asked for medical help but received inadequate care.
A coronial investigation found she had died 48 hours after being in custody from septicaemia, originating from a rib that had allegedly been broken by her former partner.

Coroner Ros Fogliani ruled that Ms Dhu was subjected to “unprofessional and inhumane” treatment by Western Australian police that was “well below the standards that should ordinarily be expected”.

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