Vladimir Putin’s strategy laid bare by former propaganda puppet now declared terrorist

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun21,2024

In a startling revelation that unveils the inner workings of Russia‘s state-controlled media, Farida Kurbangaleyeva, once a prominent news anchor on Rossiya 1 TV, has emerged from exile to expose the Kremlin’s media manipulation tactics.

Fleeing Russia in 2014 following the annexation of Crimea, Kurbangaleyeva, a native Tatar, now finds herself on Russia‘s wanted list for what officials allege is “inciting terrorism”.

Currently residing in Czechia, she continues her journalistic pursuits at Current Time, a media outlet known for its critical stance against Russian government policies.

Kurbangaleyeva’s account sheds light on a tightly controlled propaganda machine orchestrated by Vladimir Putin‘s regime. “The top management goes to the Kremlin and gets directives,” she said.

“But it’s not booklets or memos. Nothing is written on paper. The directives are given verbally.”

She detailed how instructions from the Kremlin would filter down through the ranks of VGTRK, Russia‘s state-owned media conglomerate, turning policy decisions into broadcast mandates.

“For example, ‘from now on let’s call the Ukrainian government Junta’,” she said. “This word needs to appear in our broadcasts. We need to emphasise that this is some kind of illegal military formation that seized the power in that country.”

Describing VGTRK as quasi-military institutions with rigid hierarchies and strict adherence to directives, Kurbangaleyeva highlighted the culture of fear and compliance among employees.

“The boss gives an order and then it trickles down from the top management to the TV hosts that appear on the screens and vocalise all that,” she explained.

Reflecting on her decision to leave Rossiya 1, she expressed concerns about the spread of misinformation and its role in propping up Putin’s regime. “I wasn’t feeling like any type of revolutionary. I just really didn’t feel right. That’s how I chose to live without exposing myself until the full-scale war began,” Kurbangaleyeva admitted.

Despite her revelations and subsequent branding as a terrorist by Russian authorities, Kurbangaleyeva remains steadfast in her commitment to truth-telling.

“There are still people there who believe that everything is ambiguous,” she said. “There are also people there who know how bad the war is and that Putin is a criminal, but they keep on working there and I consider them his accomplices in crime.”

Her journey from a trusted face on Russian television to a wanted figure in her homeland underscores the risks faced by those who dare to challenge the official narrative in Putin’s Russia.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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