Vladimir Putin’s plot to trick Ukraine troops with fake offensive exposed

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun17,2024

In a renewed ground assault in northeastern Ukraine, Vladimir Putin‘s forces reportedly captured five villages, as confirmed by the Russian Defence Ministry on Saturday.

Journalists in the city of Vovchansk described the aftermath of Russian airstrikes and barrages of Grad rockets, with multiple buildings destroyed.

While Ukrainian officials did not confirm the capture of these villages, Ukrainian journalists reported that Borysivka, Ohirtseve, Pylna, and Strilecha fell to Russian troops on Friday.

President Volodymyr Zelensky said that fighting was ongoing in several settlements, with Ukrainian troops engaged in counterattacks to protect Ukrainian territory.

The Institute for the Study of War claimed that at least one of the villages was seized, describing the recent Russian gains as “tactically significant.”

The assault forced over 1,700 civilians to flee settlements near the fighting.

However, some analysts are speculating on the true intentions behind this offensive.

Finnish analyst Joni Askola suggested that the assault in the Kharkiv region might be an elaborate feint orchestrated by the Kremlin.

According to Askola, the goal could be to draw Ukrainian forces away from critical areas like Chasiv Yar and the towns west of Avdiivka, where Russia previously launched offensives.

Askola argued “any further progress beyond this point remains highly challenging for the Russians”. He suggested that the primary aim might not be major territorial gains but rather to divert Ukrainian attention and resources from the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine, where Russia‘s strategic goals lie.

Reports indicate that Ukrainian military units have been redeployed in response to the Kharkiv offensive.

The Ukrainian army’s 42nd Mechanised Brigade, 57th Motorised Brigade, 92nd Assault Brigade, and the intelligence director’s Kraken Regiment have reportedly moved toward the Kharkiv front.

Frontelligence Insight noted: “It appears that Russians are aiming to instil panic and uncertainty in society by convincing the population of a looming threat across the border.”

The goal seems to divert Ukrainian focus from countering Russian advances in the Donbas region.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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  1. Do you think the alleged fake offensive by Putin is a strategic move to distract Ukrainian forces from key areas?

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