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Vladimir Putin lashes out at ‘arrogant’ West in chilling warning as WW3 fears explode

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun13,2024

Vladimir Putin has enflamed World War 3 fears after accusing the West of being “arrogant” by jeopardising global stability and asserting that Russia‘s “strategic forces” remain combat-ready.

Speaking at Moscow’s Red Square during the commemoration of the Soviet victory over Germany in World War II, Putin lashed out at Western elites for what he deemed as their disregard for Russia‘s pivotal role in defeating Nazism and their involvement in fueling conflicts worldwide.

He said: “Today we see how they’re trying to distort the truth about WWII. It interferes with those who are used to building their essentially colonial policy based on hypocrisy and lies.

“We know what the exorbitance of such ambitions leads to. Russia will do everything to prevent a global clash. But at the same time, we will not allow anyone to threaten us. Our strategic forces are always in a state of combat readiness.”

Victory Day holds significant importance in Russia, symbolising national pride and unity. Putin has consistently used this occasion to rally support for his administration and to assert Russia‘s military prowess.

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Drawing parallels between the current conflict in Ukraine and the historical struggle against Nazism, Putin portrayed Russia‘s actions as essential in safeguarding against existential threats.

Putin’s address coincided with ongoing military operations in Ukraine and followed his recent inauguration for an unprecedented fifth presidential term, which he won amidst allegations of electoral irregularities and opposition suppression.

At his inauguration, he vowed to secure victory for the Russian people, reaffirming his commitment to national interests.

In addition to his rhetoric, Putin has escalated nuclear tensions, ordering military drills involving nuclear weapons near Ukraine.

Last year, Russia also withdrew from key arms control agreements with the United States and revoked its ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty, signaling a departure from international disarmament efforts.

The Victory Day parade in Moscow featured displays of tanks, missiles, and fighter jets in a blatant display of Russia‘s military capabilities.

Heightened security measures were implemented across the capital, with some regional parades canceled due to security concerns amid ongoing hostilities.

The commemoration event was attended by leaders from several countries, including Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Cuba, highlighting Russia‘s efforts to garner international support for its actions in Ukraine.

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Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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One thought on “Vladimir Putin lashes out at ‘arrogant’ West in chilling warning as WW3 fears explode”
  1. Putin’s strong stance against the West’s arrogance is a reflection of Russia’s commitment to global stability. It’s crucial to acknowledge Russia’s pivotal role in history and respect its strategic forces. Victory Day serves as a reminder of national pride. Putin’s words highlight the importance of safeguarding against existential threats in the face of ongoing conflicts.

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