Ukraine wins stunning victory as Vladimir Putin’s forces turn tail and run in key village

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun26,2024

Ukraine has reported a considerable withdrawal of Vladimir Putin‘s troops from a crucial area that faced persistent attacks over the past month.

Russian soldiers have reportedly been moving away from the Vovchansk area in the Kharkiv region. The village experienced some of the heaviest fighting as Russia sought to secure significant territorial gains.

But the head of the Khortytsia group of forces, Nazar Voloshyn, said the Russians have been forced to withdraw because of the loss of combat capabilities.

Moscow forces had managed to advance as far as 10km into the region but were “bogged down” near Vochansk – suffering heavy losses and coming under pressure to quickly replenish its units.

Mr Voloshyn said further withdrawals were seen in the villages of Lyptsi and Tykhe, where he claimed Russia had lost an estimated 60 soldiers.

Discussing the departure of Russian soldiers, he said: “This indicates that the enemy has suspended its active hostilities in that area, as they were not conducted over the past day and in the morning.”

He, however, noted that Russia continues to target Vovchansk and neighbouring villages with guided aerial bombs, causing severe damage and injuries.

Last week, a Ukrainian mail courier was killed after a bomb struck a Ukrposhta postal vehicle. The driver of the mail van was heavily injured.

Moscow opened a new front in the region on May 10, capturing village after village in a sweeping advance that caught Ukrainian troops unprepared.

But Joe Biden‘s decision to relax rules on Ukraine using US-supplied weapons to carry out attacks on Russian territory has greatly slowed Moscow’s momentum.

Since late May, Ukraine has been able to target Russian troops and air defence systems 20km from the border in the Kharkiv region.

The decision has allowed Ukrainian troops to make advances along the northeast border, including recently recapturing areas southwest of Vovchansk, according to local reports.

Brigades there said high mobility army rocket systems, or HIMARS, were fired hours after permission was granted, destroying an air defence complex outfitted to launch the deadly missiles.

“Tactics have changed” as a result of Ukraine’s improved striking ability, said Kalina, a platoon commander for the Khartia Brigade.

Before, they were only able to hit incoming infantry assaults; now, they can employ more artillery against Russian firing points.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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