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This Katherine teenager just won $1 million for catching a fish

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun6,2024
19-year-old Keegan Payne is celebrating after a late-night cast of the rod netted him a cool $1 million dollars.
The Katherine teenager has taken home the full prize of the Million Dollar Fish, an annual fishing competition run in the Northern Territory, designed to lure tourists to the Top End in the off season.

Tagged barrumundi worth various prizes are released into the territory’s waterways, but only one brings home the million dollars.

Payne’s win is the first time the top prize has been awarded.
The teenager was boating on the Katherine River with his little sister when he nabbed the elusive fish.
“We weren’t actually expecting a tagged barra at the time, until my little sister actually asked what it was in the fish,” Mr Payne told the ABC.

“We nearly crashed the boat getting back to the boat ramp.”

Arriving in style via helicopter to an award ceremony in Darwin, Mr Payne said he intended to use his winnings to help his family and enjoy some luxuries as well.
“The whole family was shocked – they’re all proud of me,” he said.
“We’re from Katherine, Mum’s from Kakadu.
“It’s pretty hard going for us at the moment with money, but now with a million dollars, don’t have to complain about it.
“It means a lot, we’ve got money, we can go places.

“We’re actually planning a trip to America.”

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2 thoughts on “This Katherine teenager just won $1 million for catching a fish”
  1. Winning the Million Dollar Fish competition was an incredible experience for me and my family. Catching that tagged barramundi was a moment of pure excitement and disbelief. Now, with the prize money, we can finally ease our financial burdens and enjoy some well-deserved luxuries. Planning a trip to America is just the beginning of how this prize will change our lives. I’m grateful for this opportunity and excited for the future.

  2. Wow, what an incredible story! Just goes to show that sometimes, life really does give you a big win out of nowhere. Congratulations to Keegan Payne on his impressive catch and his well-deserved prize. Enjoy those luxuries and take that trip to America, you’ve earned it!

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