The new £6bn high-speed railway line that will cut 300-mile journey time by eight hours

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jul1,2024

A new high-speed rail line has been proposed that would cut down a 331-mile, 12-hour journey to less than four hours but is struggling to get central government approval. 

The Silver Line in India would connect Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala state, and Kasaragod in the north of the state.

The trains would travel at 120mph, with a maximum design speed of 140 mph and structures designed for 160 mph, cutting the journey time down by eight hours.

There will be 11 stations along the 300-mile journey, proposed by the Ministry of Railways and the Government of Kerala, that could transport 67,000 people daily.

The Silver Line is a project aimed at easing congestion between the north and south of Kerala, as well as slashing travel times and mitigating climate change.

The existing railways in Kerala are not suitable for high-speed travel, with journeys becoming even slower in the rainy seasons as roads and railway lines deteriorate.

The terrain also means that the existing railway lines cannot be upgraded to high-speed, so the Siler Line would help to transport to the most densely populated region of the state faster.

It will also be connected to the existing Indian railway network, benefitting those travelling in the state or long distance.

The Silver Line claims to be a more environmentally friendly transport option by relying on renewable energy sources for its stations and facilities for parking and charging electric vehicles.

It will cost £6 billion to construct but French consultant company Systra found that it could be financially viable, recouping six percent of its cost every year after linking Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi airports.

However, the project is part of the K Rail initiative, which there have already been many protests against because it seeks to use private land allegedly without proper compensation.

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