The £740k missiles which could be game changer for Ukraine and deliver Putin knock out

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun4,2024

Ukraine is set to receive delivery of a deadly cruise missile which could be a game changer for Kyiv in its war with Russia.

Putin’s army is on the march, as it seeks to drive home its overwhelming superiority in both manpower and weapons over Kyiv.

In some places along the 600-mile front, Zelensky’s brave army is being outgunned ten-to-one by the Russians and outnumbered seven-to-one.

Months of political wrangling in Washington have gifted the advantage to the Kremlin on the battlefield.

In recent days, Russian units crossed the border near Kharkiv and made significant territorial gains, according to some reports.

Although their advances are only a few miles deep they have swallowed up around 100km (62 miles) of Ukrainian territory.

In the more heavily defended east of Ukraine, it’s taken Russia months to achieve the same.

The worsening battlefield situation in Ukraine is concentrating minds in Western capitals.

And now Ukraine is set to take delivery of a new batch of long range cruises missiles, which have already inflicted devastating damage on Putin’s Black Sea Fleet.

French Scalp missiles were first promised by President Macron in July last year, after the UK agreed to send Storm Shadows to Kyiv.

Macron promised another 40 back in January, which could soon be delivered to Zelensky’s beleaguered army.

Paris is also scouring world markets in an attempt to buy more of the missiles for Ukraine, which are estimated to cost €860,000 (£740k) a piece.

Their range of 300km (186 miles) and their high precision make the missiles a formidable weapon for Kyiv’s army.

The missile’s penetrating warhead is capable of destroying underground fortifications, by burning through concrete to a depth of several meters, after which the main part of the 450-kilogram warhead detonates inside the target.

Thanks to its high precision, a second missile can be directed into the hole created by the first in a double whammy blow to the enemy.

Scalp missiles have already played a significant part in the war, helping Kyiv inflict crushing blows against Putin’s Black Sea Fleet and allowing Ukraine to maintain a sea corridor along the coast for its grain exports.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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  1. Ukraine’s acquisition of the deadly cruise missiles could be a turning point in the conflict, potentially giving Kyiv the upper hand against Putin’s army. It’s essential for international support to continue to bolster Ukraine’s defenses and stand against Russian aggression.

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