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The £360 million bridge in Europe that provides a breath-taking view of a nature reserve

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May21,2024

This world-famous bridge, described as a technological feat, provides one of the best views of rural northern France, including one of its most beautiful nature reserves.

The bridge holds the record for being the fastest built, in just six years. It was opened in the mid-1990s and now forms an integral part of the landscape. 

When it opened, the Pont du Normandie was both the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world and held the record distance between piers for this type of bridge, 250 metres longer than the previous record. It remains the longest span in France.

The bridge crosses the Seine estuary and with it the Estuary Nature Reserve, the second largest in France at over 8,500 hectares.

Initiated in 1992 and opened in 1997, the reserve is home to over 500 species of plants, 300 species of bird, 70 fish and 50 mammals, including seals.

It is a fantastic place for nesting and migrating birds, thanks to the richness and diversity of the environment, including marches, reed beds, dunes and woods. In fact, the region of Normandy has 15 nature reserves since 2019.

The bridge has been described as a technological feat, housing four motorised lanes of traffic, two pedestrian and two cycle lanes. The two pylons weigh over 20,000 tonnes and stand 215 metres tall. 

In the 1980s, the only bridge was to be found at Tancarville, ten miles away from Le Harve. Due to an exponential growth in motorway traffic, the construction of a new bridge was a necessity. 

The bridge was also designed to resist high winds of over 186mph. After opening, the longest cables exhibited excessive vibrations so several dampening systems were quickly installed. 

With it being so long, the earth’s curvature required that the distance between the pylons had to be two centimetres greater at the top than at the base. 

From the centre, you can see for about ten kilometres, including the port of Le Harve, Honfluer, Tancarville Bridge to the east and watch the ships sailing on the Seine. 

There are car parks on either side of the bridge enabling people to fully appreciate the slim and elegant design. On Tripadvisor, it is a highly recommended spot for those travelling through the area.

One reviewer said that the “views from here are amazing – well worth going over when in the area, even go out of your way if you must, it is worth it just to say you’ve been on it.”

While another said: “It’s only a few minutes drive, but the feeling is great, the bridge structure is amazing.”

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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2 thoughts on “The £360 million bridge in Europe that provides a breath-taking view of a nature reserve”
  1. Wow, the Pont du Normandie sounds absolutely stunning! I can’t believe it was built in just six years. The nature reserve sounds like a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts like me. I would love to visit and see all the different species of plants and animals it has to offer.

  2. What an incredible achievement! The bridge not only provides a stunning view of the nature reserve but also showcases impressive engineering. It’s fascinating to learn about the record-breaking aspects of this structure and its importance in the region’s transportation network.

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