Sunday Night Reading: Economic Reality, CRE, Buffett’s Cash, More

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun18,2024 #finance

Here are a few Tweets that caught my eye this weekend.

Weekend Reading Quick Takes

“You can’t print money to create a thriving economy, you need real productivity”

US Manufacturing Productivity

Foreclosure in Dallas

How to Pick a Watermelon

Buffett’s Cash

Ridiculous Bitcoin Predictions

Zoomers can retire on half of a Bitcoin. Yeah, right.

Yield Curve Inversion

Military Overreach

Apple Buybacks

Credit Card Delinquencies

Sticky Inflation

Chump Change Dividends

“You people are insane…this is chump change compared to some Oil & Gas stocks”

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Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

Tyler is a renowned journalist with years of experience covering a wide range of topics including politics, entertainment, and technology. His insightful analysis and compelling storytelling have made him a trusted source for breaking news and expert commentary.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Night Reading: Economic Reality, CRE, Buffett’s Cash, More”
  1. A little Sunday night reality. You can’t just print money to ‘create’ a thriving economy. You need real productivity and laws and regulations to encourage, not stifle it. And, of course, advisors and leaders that understand this.

  2. It’s evident that you can’t simply print money to magically boost the economy. Genuine productivity and supportive regulations are essential. It’s crucial to have advisors and leaders who grasp this concept.

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