Spanish beaches take drastic measures as drought wreaks havoc on holidays

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun24,2024

Several Spanish beaches opt for drastic measures as the country faces a drought. Almost all towns in the coastal municipalities of Cádiz have decided to remove the showers, with a few exceptions, such as Chiclana, it has been reported.

Summer is approaching in the province of Cádiz, marking a crucial economic period.

The region attracts thousands of national and international visitors.

In 2023, nearly three million travelers stayed in hotels, with a total of 2,906,511, surpassing both the 2,691,778 in 2022 and the 2,791,986 in 2019, the year before the pandemic.

For the first time, Cádiz has exceeded pre-Covid-19 tourism figures

Cádiz is renowned in summer for its beaches, which are the primary draw for the influx of tourists. The local economy heavily relies on tourism, especially during the high season.

Beaches like La Barrosa in Chiclana, Bolonia in Tarifa, and El Palmar fill with tourists seeking sun, sea, and sand.

This surge in visitors boosts the service sector, including hotels, restaurants, and local businesses, creating jobs and stimulating the local economy.

However, this summer, most beaches in Cádiz will lack showers due to the ongoing drought.

As of the week of June 17, the province’s water capacity is at 29.21 percent (532 cubic hectometers), which is over four points higher than last year (463 cubic hectometers) due to significant Easter rainfall, but nearly 27 points lower than ten years ago, when it was at 56.13 percent.

The Junta de Andalucía has set a limit of 225 liters of water per inhabitant in each municipality.

Various town councils are implementing measures to adhere to this limit, such as reducing water pressure and emptying fountains.

Most beaches in Cádiz will not have showers, with some exceptions like San Fernando, where module 5 on Camposoto beach will have showers for people with reduced mobility, and Chiclana, where showers will soon be available, including on the new canine beach.

These measures aim not only to conserve water but also to raise awareness about the importance of preserving this increasingly scarce resource.

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