Putin on brink of disaster as Xi ponders major move that could sink Russia

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun12,2024

Vladimir Putin‘s plans to destroy the West’s dominance on the global stage could be derailed by his closest ally China in a major blow for the Kremlin.

The Russian president met his Chineses counterpart in Beijing on Thursday during a two day visit to the People’s Republic to mark 75 years of official ties between the two countries.

After the first day of talks, the two leaders announced they would deepen their military ties through an expansion of joint army drills in an ominous sign for the West.

They are also expected to discuss further economic cooperation, as commerce between Russia and China continues to grow at pace.

Bilateral trade was $240bn (£190bn) last year, up 26 percent from last year, according to Chinese customs.

Putin has come to count on Xi Jinping as an indispensable ally not only for his war in Ukraine, but also in his battle to destroy US geopolitical hegemony.

The Kremlin boss has often railed against the Washington-led world consensus and predicted that the current “globalist model is doomed”.

However Xi may be about to betray his close friend as he puts China’s interests before Putin’s dreams of destroying America and the West.

Two of Russia‘s most influential foreign policy experts and a former commander of the Pacific Fleet have warned the Kremlin that Beijing’s interests may not be aligned with those of Putin.

In a report last year on the “global majority” they wrote that China’s integration into the world economy meant it was more focused on shaping the status quo rather than destroying it.

“The reasons are clear: China’s social and domestic stability depend on access to US and EU markets; China isn’t self-sufficient in food,” the authors Sergey Karaganov, Dmitri Trenin and Sergei Avakyants explained.

They added that China could even turn its back on Russia after it achieves “strategic self-sufficiency”, which would force Moscow to normalise its relations with the West.

Putin launched a scathing attack on the moral and politial decline of the West during last year’s Valdai International Discussion Club.

He claimed the West was in a “doctrinal crisis” and that the “neoliberal model of the American-style world order” had no ideas for progress or had anything to offer other than to maintain its global dominance.

The Russian President added: “Real democracy in a multipolar world first of all presupposes the possibility for any nation, any society and any civilisation to choose their own way, their own socio-political system.

“If the United States, the European Union countries have this right, then the Asian countries, the Islamic states, the monarchies of the Persian Gulf, the states of other continents certainly have it as well.

“Of course our country, Russia also has this right, and no one will ever be able to dictate to our people what kind of society and on what principles we should build.”

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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  1. China seems to be considering its own objectives before fully supporting Russia’s aspirations. If this continues, Putin’s plans could be in serious trouble.

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