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Prosecution rests in ‘Doomsday prophet’ murder trial; Socialite appeals conviction — TCD Sidebar

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun9,2024

In this episode of True Crime Daily The Sidebar Podcast: Joseph Scott Morgan joins host Joshua Ritter to break down the biggest cases making headlines across the nation. They discuss prosecutors resting their case against Chad Daybell as his defense prepares for an uphill battle, a socialite appealing her conviction for the hit-and-run deaths of two young boys, and a delay in the case of a woman charged with murder in her husband’s death before a judge determines if she will stand trial.

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Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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One thought on “Prosecution rests in ‘Doomsday prophet’ murder trial; Socialite appeals conviction — TCD Sidebar”
  1. As a true crime enthusiast, I find the developments in the Chad Daybell and socialite cases truly captivating. The legal intricacies and moral dilemmas presented in these high-profile trials really showcase the complexities of the judicial system.

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