Prescriptions provider MediSecure hacked in major data breach: What we know

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun15,2024
The top line: Federal police said they are investigating a large-scale hack at electronic prescriptions provider MediSecure after the company confirmed it identified a cybersecurity breach involving individuals’ personal and health information.

The bigger picture: MediSecure did not confirm how many people had their sensitive information stolen. The company said it was working with government agencies to manage the incident and had notified key regulators.

The key quote: “While we continue to gather more information, early indicators suggest the incident originated from one of our third-party vendors.” — statement from MediSecure.
What else to know: Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil said that the government had convened a National Coordination Mechanism on the matter and updates would be provided in “due course”.
What happens next: National Cyber Security Coordinator Lieutenant-General Michelle McGuinness said she is working with agencies across the Australian government, states and territories to coordinate a “whole-of-government response” to the incident, which the Australian Federal Police are investigating.
Tyler Mitchell

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  1. Do we have any information on the potential impact of this cyber breach on the affected individuals’ personal and health data?

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