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POLL: Is Majorca right to fine badly behaved tourists £2,500? Have your say

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun6,2024

British tourists visiting Majorca have been warned to be on their best behaviour or face hefty fines.

A new Civic Ordinance expected to come into force in weeks aims at correcting “uncivil attitudes” sometimes shown by holidaymakers heading to the stunning Balearic island, according to Jaime Martínez, the mayor of Palma.

The new rules crack down on excessive drinking, gambling, vandalism, anti-social and loutish behaviour, and can result in fines of up to £2,563 (€3,000).

The regulation was announced earlier this year, as Mr Martínez declared: “Playa de Palma says enough is enough.”

Attending the ITB Berlin tourism fair in early March, the mayor warned: “The town hall is going to be inflexible.”

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Mr Martínez added there will be “no turning back” on the new policy, which will allow zero tolerance for “rampant” irresponsible behaviour displayed by some visitors. He said: “The same things we demand of our citizens, we demand of our visitors.”

Playa de Palma is one of Majorca’s top nightlife destinations, particularly adored by

The mayor added he was expecting more police officers to be on the streets during the summer, as “no one deserves to have to put up with (bad) behaviour every year”.

Now, is asking its readers whether they think Majorca is right to issue similar fines and punish tourists’ bad behaviour.

German and British tourists are the largest international groups regularly heading to the island.

In 2022, nearly four million people flew in from Germany, while 2.1 million Britons chose Majorca as their holiday destination.

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  1. Do you believe imposing fines is the most effective way to deal with misbehaving tourists in Majorca?

  2. Do you believe that fining tourists will effectively curb their bad behavior, or could it lead to a negative impact on the tourism industry in Majorca?

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