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Paranoid Putin has four doctors and 111 guards on alert at his palace, leaked docs claim

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May29,2024

Vladimir Putin is watched closely by four doctors at all times at his sprawling palace near Moscow, new leaked documents claim.

Rumours of the autocrat’s paranoia and ill health have persisted since his invasion of Ukraine began in February 2022, and a new document leaked to Russian Telegram channel VChK-OGPU claims he is monitored by medics and has 111 security guards constantly on alert at the residence.

The apparent insight into Putin‘s health and security concerns relate to his main home at the Novo-Ogaryovo palace.

VChK-OGPU, which has close ties to law enforcement in Russia, claimed: “There are constantly four doctors and 111 security guards on duty.

“Security guards are on duty in four two-hour shifts. For security guards from the FSO, right on the territory where Putin lives, there is a shooting range with a shooting gallery, 50 metres long [and] a room for cleaning weapons.”

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Putin has long sought to project the image of a strongman, riding bare chested on horses, strutting before rows of troops – and carefully avoiding any perception of weakness.

The documents suggested that whenever the Russian leader eats, he has four medics watching his every move, thought to be related to fears of being poisoned by his opponents.

A large number of guard dogs are also said to prowl around the grounds of the estate.

The documents, known as Object 53, came to light during a court case in the country over accusations of a theft linked to the palace, according to the Telegram channel.

They say the information was leaked to their channel after the original case after it ended up going to a civil court following further claims.

“The case itself was classified due to the secrecy of Object 53,” the channel said. “This is where Putin lives, holds meetings – a copy of his office in the Kremlin was even constructed here.”

The Kremlin is yet to comment on the claims.

Putin was said to have imposed strict protocols to protect himself at the height of the Covid pandemic, and was pictured holding meetings with officials at one end of an extremely long table.

An elaborate disinfectant spraying machine was also reportedly used on people who visited his palace.

Last October, rumours swirled online that Putin had suffered a heart attack and was in a serious condition.

Such was the speculation that the Kremlin issued a denial, with the Russian leader’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov calling the claim “just another hoax,” telling reporters that “everything is fine.”

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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One thought on “Paranoid Putin has four doctors and 111 guards on alert at his palace, leaked docs claim”
  1. It’s alarming that Putin is surrounded by such a large number of doctors and security guards at all times. The extent of his paranoia and the constant surveillance he operates under are concerning for the autocrat’s state of mind and health. The leaked documents shed light on the extreme measures taken to ensure his safety and well-being, raising questions about his vulnerabilities despite his strongman image.

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