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New anti-tourism protests threaten to shut down airport on Spain holiday island

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun5,2024

Protestors against mass tourism are threatening to bring Palma airport to a standstill as demonstrations spread to Mallorca. The group, known as Menos Turisme, mes vida or Less tourism more life, aims to “collapse” services during an intense summer of action.

They have warned they will do whatever it takes to reverse tourist saturation on the Spanish holiday island, regardless of any sanctions they may face. While specific dates for the protests have not been revealed, they are expected to take place in the coming weeks.

The protestors argue that mass tourism is ruining the lives of local residents and are calling for a significant change of direction by Mallorca council and the Balearic government. Among their demands are fewer rental cars on the roads and improved housing policies for locals.

With Mallorca airport approaching its busiest time of the year, thousands of Brits are due to jet in for their summer holidays. The planned protests could severely disrupt the airport’s operations and potentially bring it to the point of collapse.

The Balearic government has pledged to review and alter its tourism model by the end of the year. Government leaders have acknowledged that tough decisions will need to be made and have expressed a desire to consult all sectors of society.

They have also stated that they respect everyone’s right to protest.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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One thought on “New anti-tourism protests threaten to shut down airport on Spain holiday island”
  1. As a local resident of Mallorca, I fully support the Menos Turisme, mes vida group and their efforts to address the negative impacts of mass tourism on our community. It’s time for a change in direction to prioritize the well-being of locals over tourist interests. I believe the protests are necessary to make our voices heard and push for real solutions from the authorities.

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