NATO issued horror warning as Vladimir Putin ‘sets his sights on alliance’

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jul10,2024

Vladimir Putin could move to attack NATO members if the alliance doesn’t bolster its defences, an expert has warned.

Nicholas Drummond, a defence analyst and strategic consultant who specialises in land warfare, cautioned that the war in Ukraine may just be the beginning.

He said the Russian President may have his sights set on other areas of Europe should his troops win the war, and reveal the key at-risk areas.

He told the Daily Express: “If Putin is allowed to prevail in Ukraine, his confidence will grow and he may end up attacking the Baltic States, or Poland, or he could try to bring Belorussia or Moldova into an expanded Russian Federation.”

The Baltic states encompass Estonia, Latvia, and Lituania – all members of NATO. However, Belarus and Moldova are not members of the organisation.

Drummond, who advises industries, the government, and armies on defence topics, also warned that Russia also has an advantage over NATO in its ability to re-arm itself.

Russia‘s deepening alliance with China is of particular significance as it provides Putin with weapons to replenish his depleted arsenal amid increasing isolation and sanctions from the West, he explained.

European members of NATO, on the other hand, have not been as quick to re-arm, giving Russia the upper hand in possible future conflicts.

He explained: “Many European members of NATO believe that Russia is militarily a spent force. The danger is that through alliances with China, Iran, and North Korea, Russia will be able to re-arm quickly.

“It is only by Europe re-arming at a faster rate than Russia that we can deter further aggression. We need to rebuild stockpiles of artillery munitions, rockets, missiles, and anti-tank weapons.

“We need to invest in UAS and loitering munitions (suicide drones) like never before. With artillery causing more than 70 percent of total casualties in Ukraine, we still need armoured vehicles, including tanks, APCs and IFVs, to move safely around the battlefield.”

Bennet’s warning comes as NATO allies, including the UK, announced they will send Ukraine dozens of air defence systems in the coming months, including at least four powerful Patriot systems desperately needed to fight off Russian advances.

The announcement was made with much fanfare as the Washington summit opened at the Mellon Auditorium on June 9, where Joe Biden and NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg both spoke urgently about the importance of the alliance and the need to stand together in support of Ukraine.

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