Jay Slater’s uncle ready to storm Tenerife police station over ‘massive let down’

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jul7,2024

Jay Slater‘s uncle, Glen Duncan, said he wants to “burst into the police station” investigating his nephew’s disappearance to force officials to investigate “every single lead.”

Mr Duncan has flown to Tenerife to join efforts after Spain‘s Guardia Civil last week put an end to the search for the missing Lancashire native.

The infuriated uncle slammed the official search as a “massive let down” and argued local police were not taking Jay’s disappearance seriously.

The family have now launched their personal search after nearly four weeks since the 19-year-old was last heard from on June 17.

Speaking to The Sun, Mr Duncan said: “I don’t know if they’re following up every single lead. I feel like marching down there myself and bursting into the police station.

“What are they actually doing now, the police, I mean they’re not searching with the helicopter, are they?

“Are they doing door-to-door inquiries or sitting there looking at CCTV images?”

The Guardia Civil deployed drones, sniffer dogs and mountain rescue experts, calling for volunteers to join the search but no traces of Jay have been found.

Mr Duncan added: “We’re still holding onto hope – we have to because we don’t know.

“It’s just torture every day. It’s got to a point now where the sadness has gone and it’s just anger.”

Jay disappeared after a frantic call to friend Lucy Law shortly before 9 am on Monday, June 17. He said he was “lost in the middle of nowhere” without water.

He had shared his position with two friends on Snapchat and WhatsApp, locating himself on an off-road track near Teno Rural Park minutes before his phone ran out of battery.

Jay had travelled miles from his rental in Los Cristianos the evening before accompanied by two British nationals he and his friends had met earlier in their stay in Tenerife.

He then seemingly attempted to return to his accommodation on foot on an 11-hour journey. Witnesses who claimed to have met him that morning said they advised him to U-turn towards the British nationals’s Airbnb but he refused to.

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