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Israel military in chaos as five soldiers shot dead in Gaza friendly fire blunder

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun12,2024

Israel‘s military has come under question after it was confirmed five soldiers had died as a result of friendly fire this week.

The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) said on Thursday that the servicemen had been engaged in operations in Jabalya, in the northern section of the Gaza Strip.

The five – four sergeants and one captain aged between 20 and 22 – were members of the Paratrooper Brigade and died after a tank of the same battalion accidentally opened fire on them.

Israel has so far lost 278 soldiers since the start of the war against Hamas in October.

Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated his government remains committed to eradicating the terror group from the Gaza Strip but his stance has drawn criticism from the public.

The families of hostages taken captive on October 7 have repeatedly demanded he agree to a ceasefire to secure their release or the return of their bodies.

And the parents of over 900 Israeli soldiers last week penned a letter to the IDF demanding plans to extend operations into Rafah be shelved citing growing concerns for their children’s safety.

The letter read: “It is evident to anyone with common sense that after months of warnings and announcements regarding an incursion into Rafah, there are forces on the other side actively preparing to strike our troops.

“Our sons are physically and mentally exhausted. And now, you intend to send them into this perilous situation? … This appears to be nothing short of recklessness.”

Netanyahu’s plans have come under renewed scrutiny as Israeli troops resumed military operations in areas where the government had previously claimed Hamas was no longer present.

Tyler Mitchell

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One thought on “Israel military in chaos as five soldiers shot dead in Gaza friendly fire blunder”
  1. It’s truly tragic to hear about the loss of these young soldiers due to friendly fire. The government’s decision-making has to be more cautious and prioritizing the safety of our troops. Netanyahu should reconsider his approach given the growing concerns among the families of these soldiers.

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