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Iran ramps up Middle East tensions as new proxy declares war on Israel with fresh attack

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May18,2024

Iran‘s Axis of Resistance has added a new player in its ongoing fight against Israel as a Bahrain-based organisation claimed its first attack against an Israeli target this week.

The Al-Ashtar Brigades, which styles itself as the Islamic Resistance in Bahrain, became the latest Iran proxy to join the coalition nearly seven months after the start of the war in Gaza.

The group claimed its first attack on Israel on Thursday, leaving Tel Aviv grappling with attacks from Iran-backed forces on five fronts.

The brigade struck the headquarters of the Israeli company Trucknet Enterprises, which it claims is “responsible for land transportation in the Zionist entity”, in the port city of Eilat last Saturday.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the Islamic Resistance of Bahrain said the drone strike was “in support of the Palestinian cause and in support of our people resisting in Gaza.”

They added: “The Islamic Resistance in Bahrain confirms that it is continuing its movement and support at all levels for our patient people in the resistant Gaza.”

The militia also warned it “will not stop its operations unless the Zionist aggression against Gaza stops.”

The wording and tone adopted by the brigade echoes language other members of Iran’s Axis of Resistance used to announce operations against Israel.

Since the start of the Israel-Hamas war, Tel Aviv has faced aggressive action from Lebanon-based Hezbollah, the Iraq and Syria-based Islamic Resistance in Iraq – which also targeted US bases and claimed responsibility for the death of three US soldiers in January – as well as the Houthis.

The Al-Ashtar Brigades also released a heavily censored clip they alleged showed the preparation of the attack and its execution.

Despite the claim, the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) have yet to confirm any attack took place in Eilat last week.

Bahrain’s government designated the group as a terrorist organisation operating from outside the island nation. Officials have openly accused the group of relying on the support of Iran to function and operate.

The Al-Ashtar Brigades have claimed responsibility for multiple attacks in Bahrain since 2013, including several bombings.

Tyler Mitchell

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2 thoughts on “Iran ramps up Middle East tensions as new proxy declares war on Israel with fresh attack”
  1. It is alarming to see the increased tensions in the Middle East as Iran continues to escalate conflicts through its proxies. The latest attack on Israel by the Al-Ashtar Brigades only adds to the chaos and instability in the region. It is crucial for all parties involved to prioritize de-escalation and diplomatic solutions to avoid further bloodshed.

  2. As tensions escalate in the Middle East, it is concerning to see the emergence of new players like the Al-Ashtar Brigades aligning with Iran against Israel. The recent attack on Tel Aviv is a clear escalation of aggression, and it is crucial for international diplomacy to de-escalate the situation and prevent further conflict in the region.

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