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Hoot of the Day: No One Wants Green Energy if It’s Too Cheap

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun2,2024 #finance

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen wants the EU to hike tariffs on China just as the US did.

Curbs on Cheap Chinese Exports

The Guardian reports Janet Yellen urges EU to join US in curbs on cheap Chinese exports

Janet Yellen, the US treasury secretary, has urged the EU to intervene urgently to dampen the growing export levels of Chinese cut-price green technology including solar panels and wind turbines, pushing European leaders to move to a full-scale trade war.

At the same time she urged German bank executives on Tuesday to step up efforts to comply with sanctions against Russia and shut down efforts to circumvent them to avoid potential penalties themselves that could see the US cut them off from dollar access.

Her remarks, in Frankfurt, come just hours after the European Commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, gave her strongest hint yet that the EU would join the US and impose tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles after a soon-to-be completed investigation into alleged state subsidies into the automotive industry in China.

Wind turbine manufacturers in the EU have protested that Chinese rivals are undercutting them by 50% in a move that is appealing to cash-strapped state and regional authorities facing targets in reductions of greenhouse gases.

China has signaled it will retaliate against any tariffs with potential duties on French brandy, EU wine and dairy products.

Von der Leyen said Europe would take a different approach to the US. While an increase in tariffs is expected, they are unlikely to match the rate imposed by the US.

Von der Leyen told the Financial Times that China had “massive overcapacity” that was “flooding” the EU market with “artificially cheap products”.

She said she expected the investigation into alleged Chinese state subsidies launched last September and due to be finished by 5 June, to conclude there were “excessive production subsidies”.

Wind Power

In the effort to produce more clean energy from wind, the economic and energy illiterates would rather pay 100 percent more for wind turbines.


Despite the fact that China sells no cars in the US,  Biden Wants EVs so Badly That He Will Quadruple Tariffs on Them

Astute readers will immediately notice the title of this post makes no sense. It’s not supposed to. But it is exactly what President Biden is doing.

Cheaper Houses? Who Needs Em?

What About Mattresses?

That’s a good question. For the answer, please see Having Trouble Sleeping? Can You Afford a New Mattress?

Protectionists want 745% tariffs on mattresses. Prepare to pay much more despite having the highest prices in the world already.

Joe Biden vs Joe Biden on Tariffs, a Green Trade War Is Underway

The president announced huge new tariffs on May 14.

The Above Tweet was from June 11, 2019.

For discussion, please see Joe Biden vs Joe Biden on Tariffs, a Green Trade War Is Underway

Look at the energy tax credits Biden is giving Tesla. That is on top of huge tax credits to consumers who buy made-in-America EVs. And we complain about China subsidies.

Joe Biden’s changing story of tariffs would be funny if it was not so damaging and his hypocrisy so large.

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  1. It’s crucial that the EU takes a firm stance against the flood of cheap Chinese green technology entering the market. If we don’t act now, it will continue to undermine our domestic industries and harm our efforts to combat climate change. I support Janet Yellen’s call for intervention to protect our green energy sector.

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