Great News (for Republicans) ‘No One’s Pushing Me Out,’ Says Biden

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jul4,2024 #finance

For half of America, I have a double dose of great news on statements from Biden and new polls.

Great News

“Let me say this as clearly as I possibly can—and as simply and straightforward as I can. I am running. I’m the nominee of the Democratic Party. No one’s pushing me out. I’m not leaving,” said president Biden today.

Calls From Congress

No doubt Biden’s statements were meant to stop that disclosure. Here are a few names.

  • Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva joined Lloyd Doggett of Texas in publicly calling for Biden to step aside. Grijalva urged the president to “get out of this race.”
  • “I reject the notion this was a bad night and everything’s OK,” said Rep. Mike Quigley, an Illinois Democrat.
  • On Tuesday, Biden called House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries, who has been trying to quell the anxiety. Biden asked Jeffries to stave off calls for him to withdraw. Multiple sources declined to discuss the tone of the follow-up call between Biden and Jeffries.

In the Humor Department

What a hoot!

Trump Expands Lead Over Biden as Age Worries Grow

Please note a WSJ Poll shoes Trump Expands Lead Over Biden as Age Worries Grow

Key Poll Points

  • Trump’s lead over Biden in a two-person matchup, 48% to 42%, is the widest in Journal surveys dating to late 2021 and compares with a 2-point lead in February.
  • The share who say he is too old to run rose 7 points from the Journal’s survey in February. Some 34% now view the president in a favorable light, a low mark in Journal surveys, with 63% viewing him unfavorably. Less than 40% approve of his handling of inflation, immigration, the economy or his office overall.
  • Nearly half of voters, some 47%, say they would replace both men on the ballot if they could and 53% say they aren’t enthusiastic about anyone running for president.
  • Democrats show significant discontent with Biden as their nominee. Some 76% say he is too old to run this year, or about the same share as Republicans who hold that view. Two-thirds of Democrats would replace Biden on the ballot with another nominee.
  • By contrast, 36% of Republicans say Trump is too old to run for the presidency, and one-third would replace him with another GOP candidate.
  • The poll leaves little doubt that last week’s debate has weighed on the president’s image. Only 6% of those who watched the event or heard news of it said that Biden exceeded their expectations, compared with 46% who said so of Trump. 
  • One-third of voters, including 31% of independents, said the debate made them more likely to vote for Trump. A much smaller share, some 10% of voters, said they were more likely to back Biden as a result of the debate. They included 9% of independents.
  • The new survey also includes warning signs for the Democratic Party as it tries this fall to retain control of the Senate and retake a majority in the House.
  • By 3 percentage points, more voters say they would back a Republican rather than a Democrat for Congress. Both parties are viewed unfavorably. But negative views of the GOP outweigh positive ones by 10 points, while for Democrats the gap is 20 points.

Arrogant Obstinance

Despite what the polls say, despite what members of Congress say, and despite what the public clearly wants, Biden is staying in the race, willing to sink the party along with him.

As I have said all along, Biden is every bit as arrogant as Trump. He was just more polite about it. Proof is now easy to spot.

For the Good of the Nation, Biden Needs to Stay in the Race

I side with those who want Biden to stay in the race, for different reasons of course.

Please consider my June 30 post, For the Good of the Nation, Biden Needs to Stay in the Race

Biden Has a Unique Quality

Assuming you are still reading, Biden’s unique quality is ability to lose to Trump. And that’s a good thing.

The US cannot afford another disastrous four years of this president. Everything Biden has done has been inflationary.

Energy policy. Check
Regulations. Check
Student Debt Cancellation. Check
Push for More Unions. Check
Push for More Child Tax Credits. Check
Tariff Policy. Check
Inflation Reduction Act: Check

Trump is on board with tariffs, but not the rest.

I think the title of my post shook some heads, but it is looking pretty good now.

Biden has slumped below many contenders in the polls.

For the good of the nation, Biden has a patriotic duty to stay in the race. He’s staying in the race due to arrogance, not patriotism, but at this point who cares.

This charade will last until his speech becomes so garbled 24×7 even when on drugs and/or he cannot stand up at all.

Hopefully he can make it through the nomination and then second debate, but don’t count on it.

Meanwhile, let’s rehash the latest Supreme Court Decision.

The Left is Aghast at the Correct Supreme Court Immunity Decision on Trump

In case you missed it, please consider The Left is Aghast at the Correct Supreme Court Immunity Decision on Trump

In a 6-3 decision, the SC that held the President has immunity for official acts. It was not a complete victory for Trump. In fact, the Court rejected Trump’s base case.

But that did not stop major hyperventilation from the Left including this nonsensical headline from the Huffington Post: Supreme Court Gives Joe Biden The Legal OK To Assassinate Donald Trump

Did anyone bother to read the ruling before commenting?

Please read my analysis before looking as silly as the Huffington Post.

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