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Government ‘deeply concerned’ after former detainee charged over home invasion

Jamie Roberts By Jamie Roberts Jun2,2024
Key Points
  • Three people have been arrested over the assault and robbery of 73-year-old Ninette Simmons earlier in April.
  • One of the three people was a man recently freed from immigration detention.
  • Over 150 men were released in November after the High Court ruled indefinite detention was unlawful.
A federal minister has admitted the government is “deeply concerned” after a Perth grandmother was assaulted, allegedly by a recently freed immigration detainee during a violent home invasion.
The man was one of three people arrested over the assault and robbery of 73-year-old Ninette Simmons earlier in April.
Western Australian police allege the trio assaulted Simmons’ husband Philip, 76, and tied his hands behind his back, before stealing $200,000 worth of jewellery.
The three offenders gained access to the couple’s home by posing as police officers.
The former detainee was one of .

‘Deeply concerned’

Industry Minister Ed Husic says the situation is concerning.
“We are deeply concerned about what we have seen, we have had to respond to a court decision that required the release of those detainees and put in place measures to be able to protect the Australian public as much as we possibly can,” he told ABC TV on Tuesday.

“Clearly, we will have more to say about this, but feel deeply for Ninette, for what they’ve gone through, and we will take every step required of us.”

A man in a suit looks to his left with a thoughtful expression on his face.

Ed Husic says the government is deeply concerned about the violent attack on the couple. Credit: Mick Tsikas

Opposition leader Peter Dutton has called for and Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil to provide an explanation for the incident.

“Sadly, it’s victims like we’ve seen in Perth, and I think like we’ll see across the country, who are paying the price for the incompetence of the Albanese government and the two ministers … are missing in action,” he told Nine’s Today program.
“There needs to be transparency, because from day one, the government shrouded everything in secrecy, and if they’ve got nothing to hide, then they should be up front and open with the Australian people.”
While the that would impose mandatory minimum one-year prison sentences for immigration detainees who don’t cooperate with deportation attempts, the proposal was delayed by the Opposition and crossbench.
Dutton denied opposing the laws for political gain.
“We demanded that the government strengthen the legislation often, which is what they ended up doing, because what they put forward originally was so weak,” he said.
Western Australia Police detective inspector Gary Butler said the assault had caused enormous stress and anxiety for the couple.
“Life will never be the same for them. And our work doesn’t stop here as we just continue to seek justice for this horrific offending,” he said.

“It’s still part of our investigation to try and establish how Ninette and Philip became a target. We’re comfortable that there’s no ongoing threat to members of the community.”

Jamie Roberts

By Jamie Roberts

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2 thoughts on “Government ‘deeply concerned’ after former detainee charged over home invasion”
  1. As a concerned citizen, I strongly believe that the government needs to take strict measures to prevent such incidents in the future. It’s heartbreaking to hear about the violent attack on this elderly couple. The authorities must ensure the safety of the public by implementing effective strategies and monitoring those who pose a potential risk to society.

  2. It is truly alarming to see such a violent incident involving a recently freed immigration detainee. The government must take immediate actions to ensure the safety of the public.

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