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Germany launches new visa in desperate bid to hire 400,000 more workers

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May31,2024

Germany has unveiled a new visa initiative aimed at attracting skilled workers from outside the European Union, including Britons.

Known as the Opportunity Card, or Chancenkarte, this programme allows non-EU citizens to reside in Germany for up to a year while searching for employment.

Launching on June 1, 2024, the Opportunity Card is part of Germany’s strategy to address a significant shortage of skilled labour in sectors such as engineering, information technology, and healthcare.

The country needs approximately 400,000 new skilled workers annually to fill these critical roles.

The Opportunity Card acts as a temporary visa, providing non-EU citizens the chance to live in Germany for a year as they look for suitable jobs.

During this period, cardholders can work part-time for up to 20 hours per week or engage in two-week trial work experiences.

Applicants must meet certain criteria to qualify for the Chancenkarte. They need at least two years of vocational training or a university degree relevant to their desired profession.

Proficiency in German or English is also required. Additionally, applicants must demonstrate that they have sufficient funds—about €12,000—to support themselves during their stay.

Candidates are evaluated using a points-based system, with a minimum of six points needed to apply. Points are awarded based on qualifications and experience:

  • Four points for having a recognised professional qualification or permission to practice a regulated profession in Germany;
  • Three points for having five years of professional experience in the last seven years or B2-level German language proficiency;
  • Two points for two years of professional experience within the last five years, being under 35 years old, or holding a B1-level German certificate;
  • One point for being under 40 years old, previous stays in Germany for at least six months, C1 English and A2 German language skills, training in a field with a worker shortage, or applying with a spouse.

Interested individuals can apply for the Opportunity Card at German consulates in their home countries or at local Foreigners’ Registration Offices in Germany.

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