Fury as tourist asked to leave outside table in popular European city for bizarre reason

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun13,2024

A journalist has highlighted the impact of tourists on parts of Rome after they found out they were unable to drink a coffee outside a local café. Returning to the city, Andrea Carlo said he was asked by the barista if he could sit inside to drink his coffee because they wanted to keep the outdoor tables free for groups.

Writing in The i, Mr Carlo said that a growing number of “tourist traps” mean that finding somewhere to sit outside could be “close to impossible”.

Mr Carlo’s comments come as the debate around overtourism in some parts of the European continent intensifies with the introduction of tourist taxes and protests in some popular towns and cities.

Earlier this year, people living in the popular Italian city of Florence warned it was being crushed by tourism as complaints arose that the city centre was only serving tourists rather than local people.

Speaking to local news outlet the Corriere Fiorentino, director of the art gallery Galleria Dell’Accademia Cecilie Hollberg explained just how dire the situation was getting.

She said: “Florence is very beautiful and I wish it returned to residents and was not crushed by tourism. We can no longer find a normal shop, only places exclusively for tourists with gadgets and souvenirs, and this should be stopped.”

Ms Holberg’s comments were reflected by shop own Sara Ricci who told Firenze Today: “Is Florence a city planned only for tourists? I’d say this is increasingly the case. It is not planned for people living in it.”

In response to high tourist numbers, there are reports that some cities could introduce tourist taxes as high as £14 per day for British tourists visiting Italy and France.

Quotezone.co.uk’s travel insurance specialist Tiffany Mealiff warned: “The new and increasing tourist fees across Europe allow cities to fund measures to attract more holidaymakers, support the local infrastructure and businesses, as well as preventing damages from overtourism.

“If you’re taking a trip to any city in Europe this year, you must be aware of the potential additional costs to your holiday – which are often not obvious beforehand and normally due for payment when you check out of your accommodation.”

BirminghamLive reported that Venice had introduced an entry fee for day-trippers lasting from April 25 until July 14. This five-euro fee can be paid once and reportedly allows access to Venice and the Venetian Lagoon for the day.

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