Falkland tensions erupt as Argentina accused of bowing down to ‘British Empire’

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jul9,2024

Argentina’s Javier Milei has been accused of bowing down to “the British Empire” and selling out his nation Venezuela’s President.

Nicolas Maduro launched his astonishing attack during a ceremony to mark the 213th anniversary of Venezuela’s Declaration of Independence.

In a fiery speech, the socialist firebrand said: “We Latin Americans are sad about what is happening in Argentina.

“Milei arrived and the first thing he did was to recognise the sovereignty of the British Empire over the Malvinas.”

His comments come in the wake of escalating tensions between London and Buenos Aires over oil exploration in waters off the Falkland Islands.

Plans are afoot to develop the Sea Lion field located 220km north of the islands which are believed to contain at least 300 million barrels of oil.

The UK has been accused of violating Argentina’s sovereignty and plundering the nation’s hydrocarbons by politicians from the South American country.

Maduro appeared to try and draw parallels with the escalating oil dispute in the Falklands and Exxon Mobil’s plans to drill more wells in the contested Essequibo region of Guyana.

Caracas claims sovereignty over the territory and has increased its military presence near the border with Guyana.

“The same way as here, they intend to recognise the colonial plunder of the British Empire and Exxon Mobil over our Guayana Essequibo,” he said.

“Well, we are not going to let that happen. The Guayana Essequibo belongs to Venezuela, we say it to the British Empire, we say it to Exxon Mobil.”

The US oil giant announced in February its intention to drill two new exploratory wells in the Stabroek Block, which is located some 200 kilometres offshore the Essequibo region in Guayana – a former British colony.

It covers an area of 26,800 square kilometres and contains more than 11 billion barrels of crude and gas.

Argentina’s President says his government is committed to establishing a “roadmap” towards Argentine sovereignty of the Falkland Islands.

During a ceremony to mark the 42nd anniversary of the Falkland War in April, he said: “I want to reiterate our unwavering claim for the islands, and I commit that during our government we will be able to have a clear roadmap so that the Malvinas return to Argentine hands.”

He later told the BBC he would pursue that aim through peaceful diplomatic negotiations.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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