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Cocaine found in Lidl banana crates as police swarm stores in major alert

Samantha Parker By Samantha Parker Jun1,2024

Cocaine worth millions has been discovered hidden in banana crates at multiple Lidl supermarkets in Germany.

Workers at stores in Berlin were shocked to find the illicit drugs as they unpacked banana shipments yesterday (Thursday, April 25).  The unexpected haul prompted an extensive police response, with armed officers wielding submachine guns seen guarding the affected stores.

At least four discount supermarkets are reported to have found concealed cocaine supplies, although the total amount seized has yet to be disclosed.   Two Lidl stores, one in Schonefeld and another in Marienfelde, both on Berlin’s periphery, became the focus of police activity. 

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A representative for Lidl informed The Mirror: “We cannot provide any information about ongoing proceedings. Lidl in Germany is in contact with the relevant authorities regarding the incident.”

Reports from German news source Bild suggest that each store contained between 20 and 100 kilograms (approximately 705 to 7,053 ounces) of cocaine. Investigations are ongoing as police continue to scrutinize the narcotics found at these discount outlets.

A spokesperson for the Berlin police department confirmed to Bild that the drug caches were reported around noon. Brandenburg police, whose jurisdiction lies near Berlin, have since taken custody of the drugs for secure storage.

Banana crates and other fruits destined for supermarkets were believed to house illicit substances, Berlin Police’s Beate Kardels confirmed. Speaking to a news outlet, she stated: “According to an initial assessment by the alerted police forces, the packages could contain narcotics,”.

She added: “Due to the amount of packages found and the number of markets affected, the Joint Drug Investigation Group at the Brandenburg State Criminal Police Office is coordinating the further investigations in close cooperation with the Berlin police and the Berlin-Brandenburg customs investigation office.”

The Mirror has approached the Berlin and Brandenburg law enforcement departments for their side of the story.

Despite Germany having partially decriminalised cannabis from April 1 onwards, controlled substances such as cocaine still hold an illegal status within the nation. Schlun & Elseven, a top-tier German legal firm, revealed that “around 20 tonnes of cocaine were seized” in 2022.

Samantha Parker

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2 thoughts on “Cocaine found in Lidl banana crates as police swarm stores in major alert”
  1. As shocking as this news is, it’s concerning to see how drug trafficking can infiltrate everyday supply chains. I hope the authorities can quickly identify those responsible and prevent such incidents in the future.

  2. It’s concerning to see such large quantities of cocaine being smuggled in banana crates. The police response and ongoing investigations are crucial in ensuring the safety of the community. Let’s hope they uncover the full extent of this criminal operation.

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